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What Is This Article About?

For me exploring nature is the best thing to do. At first it was just mountaineering, then climbing, caving, etc. At last in the last few months I learned some about deserts and thought why shouldnt I start exploring them too?
After doing a very short research I found out that there are about 50 deserts in Iran which about half of them are full of attractions.
I am going to my first desert trip in about 20 days. If you also love nature then I think you should start visiting deserts too if you havent yet.
The article introduces just a few of Iran deserts very briefly. I hope to write my first desert trip report as soon as possible.

Desert And Its Specifications

A: Rain- The amount of yearly rain is low in deserts, most times less than 250ml. Some deserts in Africa pass years without rain!
B: temperature- Days are very hot(up to 60 centigrades) and night can be as cold as zero. This huge difference between day and night temperature makes desert life so hard.
C: Humidity and Evaporation- Humidity rarely becomes more than 60% while evaporation is very high.
D: Wind- Great difference between the temperature of the surface and layers of the air and lack of flora makes desert winds very powerful sometimes.
E: Native Flora- In many parts of deserts there is no flora and in the rest its mostly not jammed.

Types Of Iran Deserts


Each of the deserts in Iran belongs to one of the following groups:
A: Clay Deserts
B: Wet Clay Deserts
C: Clay and Saltmarsh

Area Of Iran Deserts

Iran Deserts cover about 34 million hectares of the 1648195 square km land of Iran. About 61% deserts, 24% Sand Dunes and 15% sand hills.

Maranjab Desert

Maranjab 2

Maranjab is not much far from Tehran and also is close to Kashan and Abianeh two very Attractive places for tourists so its one of the most famous deserts in Iran and it really worths it.
Maranjab belongs to AranvaBidgol town in the north of Esfahan Province. Salt Lake, Abbasi Carvanseray(Beside the Ancient Silk way), Sand Hills and many other attractions can be visited in Maranjab.
The carvanseray is about 50 km from the town and is mostly the main camp for Maranjab explorers. Water and fuel plus some other services are available in here.

Park-e Melli-e Kavir(Kavir National Park)

Park-e Melli-e Kavir

Kavir National Park is located in the west of Semnan desert. Its 60km far from Tehran. Tehran-Garmsar road, Esfahan Province and Qom Great Salt Lake are on its north, south and west.
There are three ways to get to the Park:
A: Getting to Garmsar from Tehran and to Ghasr-e Bahram from there. And then 30km in a dirt road which becomes swampy in the raining season.
B: The second way which is more common is the Tehran-Pishva-Mobarakeh way. Go to Varamin from Tehran and the rest wont be hard to find.
C: You can visit Maranjab and then with a 3 hour drive to north in a sand road you can get to the Park. But remember this way should be passed by a 4WD.

Rig-e Jenn Desert

Rig-e Jenn Desert

Its located on the SouthWest of the Great Desert and east of Kavir National Park. Rig-e Jenn is one of the worlds most ardeous places because of its high Sand Dunes, vast Swamps and absence of water.
Untill 1997 Rig-e Jenn was never passed. But in that year Ali Parsa( at last broke the spell and passed this challenging wasteland.
Rig-e Jenn is not a place for beginners. No way! But for professionals a great program can be set, starting from Rig-e Jenn and then Pass Park-e Melii-e Kavir and at last get to Tehran. This is a great 1000km adventure.

Jandagh Desert

Salt Salt Salt

Jandagh is a famous name for the lovers of desert. The best way to get to Jandagh is the Tehran-Mashhad road to Shahrud and then driving to Moalleman and Jandagh from there. After about 6 hours from Shahrud you get to the village which is so green for a desert village. All arround you is the desert waiting to be explored.

Haj Ali Gholi Desert

Haj Ali Gholi Desert

Its located on the Southeast of Damghan city. Huge amount of mountains on a wasteland is what makes this desert special. There are two ways to get to Haj Ali Gholi desert:
A: From Shahrud to Moalleman, then Chahjam-Koohkhers dirtroad which goes along the South of the desert.
B: From Damghan to Moalleman, then Dehforat-Koohkhers dirtroad.

Miandasht Desert

Persian Cheetah

Miandasht is famous for its Persian Cheetah(Acinonyx Jubatus). Not the only place that this precious cat lives in Iran as there are some few of them in other deserts too. But in Miandasht there is a much bigger chance to see one or at least these days to see a footprint! For getting to Miandasht you Should go to Shahrud and then Jajarm. If you are interested in Wildlife like me this place is a paradise for you.

The Great Desert(Central Desert)

Central Desert

Its located in the center of Iran plateau. Its 300*400km and starts almost from Southern slopes of Alborz range in its north side. In south the desert goes far far to Tabas. Rig-e Jenn is on its west and Ozbakkooh and Pirhajat on the east.

Loot Desert

Loot Desert

Kavir-e loot is located on the Southeast of Iran. Its bounded by Naiband(N),Nehbandan(E),Bahabad and Shahdad(W) and Bam(S). The world Biggest Kalouts are in this desert. Almost no water is found so for each day you should have at least 2.5 litters of water with yourself.

Iran Desert Camps

A: Maranjab Carvanseray
B: Shahdad Camp(West of Loot)
C: South Camp of Central Desert(Mesr Village)
D: South Camp of Central Desert(Garmeh Village)

Special Thanks To

I should thank all the people I used their photos in the article. Hope the article will be as good as their great photos. And for sure


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I heard it snowed quite a bit in the deserts in Iran this year. It will be great if you could go there before the snow melts. Would love to see photos of snow covered sand dunes!!

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Re: Snow

Well I heard snow in Maranjab is about 60cm thick! If things go on ok Ill go to MAranjab in about 20 days. Hope some snow will be there then.

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