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Iran's Caves

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Iran's Caves in SP

This list contains the information about Iran's caves . Each cave has some pages in SP that its links has been mentioned here .
I hope this list could be a quick reference about Iran,s Caves , its beauties and wonders of underground world .

Parau Cave

Parau5Parau Cave

In Kordish Parau means full of water. This incomparable cave is located in Kermanshah province, 12km from Krmanshah city on the North east. Parau is calling cavers and speleologists to take their chance and make a try. Parau needs more skills than rappling, climbing and caving. There you will need not only fitness but also much of strength. It wont be a program taking just a few hours. You should be prepared for hard work for hours and hours. There have been teams in the cave for more than a week even. Thats what Parau is.
" Everst of the world caves" thats what John Middleton said about Parau when he and his team discovered and explored it for the first time in 1971.
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Namakdan Cave

Namakdan CaveNamakdan Cave

Namakdan Cave , The world's longest cave in salt (lenght=6580 m.):

In Farsi, the word "namak" means salt. Or Sodium Chloride, as ordinary kitchen salt is known among chemists. And it is salt, or namak, that Namakdan Mountain on Qeshm Island in the Persian Gulf is made of. Nine years ago the Czechs were the first to venture further into the caves than the entrance. They discovered a complex system of caverns and tunnels and have been returning ever since.
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Batoon Cave

Batoon caveBatoon Cave

This cave has 2 enterances that you should enter from upper one and after descending 6 shafts you will go out from the other enterance .
Best time for seeing this cave is Fall and end of Spring .
This cave is the gratest in East of Iran .
Lenght : 1800 m.
Depth : 270 m.
Shafts : 9 from 10 to 45 m. ( totally 240 m. )
A 4 person team could see this cave in 8 hours .
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Daniyal Cave

Fat!Daniyal Cave

This cave is located on the south of motelghoo a part of tonekabon.It is 2033 meters long and full of adventure!Its an active cave which seems to be unique as much as we know. Just bats were seen in the first hall and no other animals.
At first its almost easy but the farther you go the harder it becomes.
The amount of water in the cave is influenced by the season so we choosed this time of the year wich the water becomes less than any other time.
It takes more than 6 hours to go to the end and come back.
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Jahanam Cave

Jahanam CaveJahanam Cave

This cave is located in east part of a desert called "Dashte Kavir" , near Tabas city , in Yazd province , in Iran .
The weather of the region and inside of cave is warm so this cave was called "Jahanam" that means "Hell" !
For entering inside the cave , you should descend a 30 m. shaft with rope and for going out of cave you should ascend the rope and shaft .
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Kabudabvar Cave

kabudabvar 3Kabudabvar Cave

This cave is located in the mountains of Sehezar near Lirehsar village in Tonekabon. The exact place was a little hard to find and we couldnt do it without our local guide's help.
Kabudabvar is an active unique river cave younger than Daniyal cave(chari). Its about200 meters long with three halls which the main is about 20*30*10 meters. The elevation is about 570 meters and doesnt change as much inside.
Bats,springtails and a black spiders live in the cave.
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Sahoulan Cave

Sahoulan 2Sahoulan Cave

The cave is located 43 kilometers northeast of Mahabad town in province of West-Azarbaijan.Can be easily reached by the road from the town exept when there is heavy snow in the winter.
Sahoul means stalegtite in kurdish language so Sahoulan means House of Stalegtites!
Sahoulan is a Water cave which is now opened to tourists and needs no technical effort. Till now 250 meters of walking way and 300 meters of water have been found.There might be more way to go but hasnt been completely explored yet. The average water depth is 12 meters and 25 meters in the deepest place.The humidity of the cave changes between 70-75% while the temprature is mostly between 5 and 10.
The stones of the cave are calcarous.The main hall is about 58*42 meters.
Bats and wild pigeons live in the cave.specially the pigeons are so nice to see.
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Karaftoo Cave

Walls arround KaraftooKaraftoo Cave

Karaftoo, which I'd like to call the cradle of architecture is located on the north west of Divandarreh town in Kurdistan province. A 76 kilometer beautiful road in Zagross Mountains takes you to the cave area which is now under supervision and protection of Iran cultural heritage and tourism organization.
Karaftoo is a calcareous cave with a 750 meter long main path and many sub paths derived from it. Visiting the cave without a guide might be confusing thus its a touristy cave.
Although Karaftoo has been opened to the tourists lately but there are still many parts of the cave to be explored by the cavers.
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Bimarab Cave

BatBimarab Cave

This cave is not so larg but it is one of most beautiful in Khorasan province .
"Bimarab" is a Farsi (persian) word that means "water for diseases" . Locals and shepherds believe that the water of this cave is good for sheeps' disease ! They couldn't go inside the cave because there is a 15 m. shaft at the enterance of Bimarab cave , so they bring out water with a rope and bucket from the shaft . We send 1 lit. of its water to a lab , but they didn't find anything which prove the locals belief !
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Yaqi Oskul Cave

YAQI-OSKUL CAVE-enteranceYaqi Oskul Cave

Yaqi-Oskul is not a big cave but its nice and a great one to start technical caving. Its about 1500 meters above sea level.
In Yaqi-Oskul after a few meters from the enterance you should descend by rappling. There are three stones that are great for preparing a combined anchor. There is a 17 meter descend. 3 meters steep slope and a 14 meter vertical descend which for me was killing in the first two meters and then I didnt want the rope to ever end!
Now you are in the great unique hall of the cave. All the floor is covered by an at least 15cm bat excrement and the air is full of its dust, but its still a lovely place.
The distance between the ceilling and the floor differs between 15 to 30 meters. The hall is elliptical and the size is about 31*24 meters. There are Flowstones, Stalegtites and Stalegmites in the hall mainly in the South-East corner.
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Boloor Cave

Boloor caveBoloor Cave

This cave is not so larg but is one of the most beautiful caves of the province. Its beautiful stalactites and stalagmites are like crystal. "Boloor" is a Farsi word that means "crystal".
Height of cave's enterance from the sea level : 985m.
Lenght of cave : 121m.
Depth of cave : -42m.
Shafts : There is two shafts at the enterance (5m. & 14m.).
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Karkas Cave

Karkas CaveKarkas Cave

This cave has a small enterances on the ground, so you can't see it untill you'll be beside it!
Best time for seeing this cave is end of Spring .
This cave is one of the most beautiful caves of the Khorasan province (NE of Iran).
Inside of the cave could be seen in 4 hours.
You need rope for descending two 8 m. shafts.
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Sir Cave

Stalagmite of ..Sir Cave

The cave's name is "Sir" as the name of the nearest village to it that is "Sir village".
Its enternace is located at height of 1608 m. usl.
Lenght: 64 m.
Depth: +4 m.
Shafts: no shafts.
Nearest villages: Sir & Ahoo Bam (about 260 km. SW of Mashhad City).
Getting there: There is a 45 min. treking from Sir village to the cave.
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Div Cave

Div caveDiv Cave

Its enternace is located at height of 1450 m. usl.
Lenght: 160 m.
Depth: -82 m.
Shafts: Two (45 & 30 m.)
Nearest villages: Sir & Ahoo Bam (about 260 km. SW of Mashhad City).
Getting there: There is a 90 min. treking from Ahoo Bam village to the cave.
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Moghan Cave

beauties of ..Div Cave

The cave's enterances is located at the height of 2123m. usl.(upper sea level).
Cave is located at 30 km. south of Mashhad city and 3 km. south of Moghan village (1647m., N36.13804, E59.38106).
Cave has 2 enterances that the small one is about 3m.*1.5m. and the main (beside the small one) is about 6m.*2m.
Cave has larg halls that people can walk free through them. There is just a narrow passage about 40m. at the end of cave that needs crawling!
Cave's depth: -4m.
Cave's length: 420m.
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Mazdavand Cave

me in theMazdavand Cave

Location: Mazdavand village, between Sarakhs & Mashhad, NE of Iran.
Lenght: 100 m.
Vertical ranges: 2 m.
Elevation: 990 m. usl.

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Kardeh Cave

Me in the Kardeh caveKardeh Cave

Locatian: Kardeh village, Mashhad city, NE of Iran.
Elevation: 1458m. usl.
Lenght: more than 200m. (including subways).
vertical range: about 10m.
Survey team: Vahid Ashrafi, A. Shakeri, O. Akrami.

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Hampoiel Cave

beauties of Hampoeil CaveHampoiel Cave

Cave's Location: Tazekand village,Maragheh town,Tabriz city,Iran.

Cave's Lenght: more than 2000m.

Cave's Depth: about 200m.

Shafts: more than 15 (5m. to 40m.)

Photos by: Vahid Ashrafi (Iranian Speleological expedition, Jun 2009).

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