Ironstone Mountain - Standard Routes

The standard approaches for Ironstone Mountain, locating in western Yakima County, Washington.

The violet-colored route is the approach when little-to-no snow is present, such as during Summer and Autumn. That route follows Andy Creek Trail (#1110) to the ridgetop of Russell Ridge, then west along Russell Ridge Trail (#1111), then north along Ironstone Mountain Trail (#1141), before leaving the trail and heading up the south slopes to the summit.

The blue-colored route is the approach during snowy periods, such as during Winter and Spring. The starting point of that route depends upon amount of preventative (i.e. non-plowed) snowpack on Forest Road 1382, and/or drivable conditions. From Highway 12, Forest Road 1308 is regularly plowed for the first 0.5-0.8 miles, until at least near the intersection with Forest Road 1382. The snow route can be a fully backcountry route, or a combination of road-hike and backcountry travel.

Nearly all of the Winter/Spring approaches can be in thick evergreen forest, meaning the snowy approaches for Ironstone Mountain can have low avalanche danger. The exception being the final 150-200' of open/semi-open slopes on Ironstone Mountain, for which avalanche danger should be considered and monitored when appropriate to do so.


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