Italian Hiking routes rating

Italian Hiking routes rating

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Italian Hiking routes rating

Here you can find some simple explanations about how to interpret the acronyms you can find in Italian Guide Books speaking about paths and ferrate

T (Tourist)

The route goes along roads, mule tracks or large paths, without dangers

No bearings problems,
No special training required
No exposure

E (Escursionista = Hiker)

The route goes along paths, pastures, debris with evident marks (stripes or cairns) or very sweet slopes of snow

Bearings knowledge and training are required
Very low exposure

EE (Escursionista Esperto = Experienced Hiker)

The route goes on narrow normally marked paths, along grassy slippery slopes, mixed of rocks and grass, screes and/or sweet snow slopes

Somewhere could be necessary to use the hands.

Good knowledge of environment, no suffer from vertigo needed
Some little exposure

Skill is enough to climb easy ferrate

EEA (Escursionista Esperto, con Attrezzatura (alpinistica) = Very Skilled Hiker with Gear)

More difficult than the previous one,
path not always marked,
some fixed equiment (ferrate)

Climbing gear required
Exposure can be high

this is almost the same skill level required for
  • medium difficulty ferrate
  • rock routes of I grade UIAA
  • mixed climbs classified F (French grade)