Jahanam Cave

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Location Lat/Lon: 34.75741°N / 57.25525°E
Additional Information Object Type: caving
Additional Information County: Tabas

About Jahanam Cave

This cave is located in east part of a desert called "Dashte Kavir" , near Tabas city , in Yazd province , in Iran .

The weather of the region and inside of cave is warm so this cave was called "Jahanam" that means "Hell" !
For entering inside the cave , you should descend a 30 m. shaft with rope and for going out of cave you should ascend the rope and shaft .

Pics are from our program at Feb 2008 .

Team members were from : Oaj Mountain Climbing Club

Getting There

"Tabas" city is located in east side of "Dasht-e-kavir" desert and Iran .

There is a main road about 130 km. from Tabas to "Eshghabad" city in north .

There is a main road about 40 km. from Eshghabad to "Gooshekamar" villag in north .

There is a dirty road about 50km. from Gooshekamar to Jahanam Cave .

The cave is located at a mountain range in NE of the village .