Joopar mt.

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Kerman, Iran, Asia
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Joopar mt.
Created On: Mar 1, 2007
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The heights of the Province of Kerman are the continuation of the central mountain ranges of Iran. These are the volcanic folds beginning in East Azarbayjan province,and stretching out till Baluchestan province.
These comprise of the branch mountain Bashagard and Koohbanan, the tallest heights of the region, in addition to providing scope for mountaineering and winter sports.
Joopar mt. with an altitude of 4135 m. is located in Kerman, with a length of 57 km. and its width ranges from 10 to 24 km. Its tallest peaks are Seshakh Bozorg being 4200 m. in height and Baluchi 4000m. in elevation, which are situated in Mahan. The rural areas of Joopar and Mahan are in the north and north-eastern skirts and other such settlements are on the southern slopes.

photos from Oaj Mountaineering Club

Getting There

Kerman city is the capital of the Kerman province and has airport , rail road and bus terminal so it is easy to get there from every part of Iran . From Kerman you should take a bus or rent a car to Mahan . From Mahan you can rent a car again to Ghanat Ghestan , nearest village to the Joopar mt.

Red Tape

NoRed Tape there.


Camping is allowed and there is a hut in the area.

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Joopar mt.

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