Kalagh Lan

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Additional Information County: Iran
Activities Activities: Aid Climbing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 10991 ft / 3350 m
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This summit is situated in Alvand mountain. Kalagh Lan or Kalagh-Laneh in Persian language means the nest of crow. The summit is behind of Alvand summit. (Ghallagh-Lan in native's dialect)


Normal route is almost the same with Alvand summit in Step1 and Step2, but in Takht-e Nader flat when Alvand summit is seen at left side, must to go ahead to the end and turn left. Actualy must to round Alvand summit from Duzakh-Darreh deep valley. During winter this valley is icy and some static cables and leading signs are ready to lead clambers. After passing Duzakh Darreh you reach the shelter and Kalagh Lan summit is ready to clamb, rock clmbing. In winter the route to the summit is icy and dangress.


Kalagh Lan Shelter & PeakThe shelter and the summit

Shelter of Kalagh-Lan:
After Meydan Mishan flat, Takht-e Nader flat and Duzakh Darreh deep valley, on the pass, near the summit there is a big shelter. Almost always the pass is windy but the shelter is enough good, even in winter and storms.
Be sure to close the door when you leave there.

A new bigger shelter is under construction.


During winter:
1- Avalanche is the most dangress when you are passing Duzakh Darre valley.
2- Storm couses to lost shelter, do not turn right when you pass the valley.
3- Icy rocks and strong wind are great dangers in the route between shelter and the summit.