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yadahzoemtn - Jun 20, 2011 10:00 pm Date Climbed: Aug 19, 2006

Good Time  Sucess!

08/19/06 Great Hike
09/23/20 With Michael and Brent


americanswiss - Feb 25, 2011 2:40 am

Kessler  Sucess!

One of my favorite hikes in the Wasatch. Great forest up high. No pointless switchbacks. A straight forward trail the way it should be like European trails. Took North Route. Summit Ridge looks like it would be a good scramble.


Shaylee - Jan 18, 2011 8:46 am Date Climbed: Oct 2, 2010

Kessler  Sucess!

Climbed it with my dad, brother, grandfather and mother via the north route.


Kessler - Jan 18, 2011 8:34 am Date Climbed: Oct 2, 2010

Kessler  Sucess!

Climbed it with my dad, little sister, grandfather and mother via the north route.

utclimber - Jun 23, 2010 12:21 am Date Climbed: Jun 22, 2010

North Route  Sucess!

Very enjoyable steep hike.

TRR - May 6, 2010 1:07 am Date Climbed: Aug 20, 2009

Trail Run  Sucess!

Nice run. Up the North and down the other side.


vanman798 - Mar 17, 2010 11:00 am Date Climbed: Mar 16, 2010

Up and Down Argenta  Sucess!

Skinned up the slide path on the north side of the mountain known as Argenta. Gained the ridge then followed it east to the peak. From the peak followed the ridge north to the shoot that goes through the cliff bands, skied that. Skinned back up to the ridge and skied back to the road. It took less than 2 hours to summit compared to last year (when we were putting in the skin track) it took 3 hours 20 minutes to reach the ridge.


Venicemave - Jul 13, 2009 4:40 pm Date Climbed: Aug 4, 2006

Kessler  Sucess!

Hiked with a good friend of mine. Near the peak and off the trail stepped on a nest of bugs that stung my face; made it to the top with a migraine. Almost didn't want to continue, but realized how stupid that would have been once I made it. My friend definitely made everything better though. Two thumbs up, I'd do it again :)


byates - Dec 3, 2008 2:15 pm

A regular on my curcuit  Sucess!

5 different route to date, a dozen climbs or so.


apachedino - Aug 11, 2008 11:09 am Date Climbed: Aug 9, 2008

Spelunking at 10,000  Sucess!

Ascended the North Ridge and tried the North-east ridge variation, VERY exposed at parts, definetely a short section of upper class 4, possibly 5.2 or so. Maybe I was just nervous as the sky started grumbling at this point and I did not want to be stuck on this ridge in rain and lightning, fortunately we made it over and dashed to the summit before it started pouring, by this oint we were tucked into the cave below the summit and did some exploring, turns out it goes through the mtn to the other side. The cave below goes about as far before dead ending, fun stuff though.


wrassleman07 - Jul 6, 2008 11:40 pm Date Climbed: Jul 6, 2008

climbed  Sucess!

well jeez.. after getting in a car wreck on the way to the mtn, it sure was relaxing to enjoy this hike. really short, started at 3:30 and ended by 8:30, enjoyed the scenery. 2L water per person suggested


iceworm - Jun 10, 2008 7:36 pm Date Climbed: Dec 29, 2007

Amazing!  Sucess!

One of the deepest days I've ever rode!


seanpeckham - Apr 6, 2008 6:27 pm Date Climbed: Apr 6, 2008

Skied off it into Argenta  Sucess!

Great peak with amazing views, and excellent skiing. We skinned up Argenta to the west ridge and followed that to the summit - no bootpacking required, though the trail-breaking on the ridge was a tough workout switchbacking and sidestepping in what was alternately wind crust, drifts, and facets. Our descent was the classic traverse to the north then down several of the chutes back into Argenta in April powder (and some crust). Nice and steep in places, and one of my sluffs knocked me on my butt once.
Update, March 2012: skied Argenta from the summit again, this time in thigh-deep but stable blue bird cold smoke. There was giddiness.


Bassoon - Jul 3, 2007 2:22 pm Date Climbed: Jun 27, 2007

Wow.  Sucess!

Very steep, but enjoyed the solitude, lush greenery, and amazing views at the top.

Jeremy Franchow

Jeremy Franchow - Jun 3, 2007 4:12 pm Date Climbed: Jun 3, 2007

Route climbed: North Route  Sucess!

Solitude, unique views, steep, a few really big trees, interesting old cabin ruins and mines. Great place!


apachedino - Oct 8, 2006 2:04 am Date Climbed: Jul 12, 2004

The really direct route  Sucess!

Stayed at my buddies cabin and partied the night before, spur of the moment the next morning we just decided to climb it. ent and bushwaked a bit then hit some really steep forest untill we finally came across the trail as it went across the obvious slide path on the north side. Cool mines and cabins near the top, much easier coming down.

+ one time hitting Argenta and another side Coulior
+ North East Ridge, little sketchy

The upper cave actually goes THROUGH the mountain.....way cool to climb through the skinny parts.

J Anderson

J Anderson - Aug 3, 2006 4:06 pm Date Climbed: Aug 2, 2006

North Route  Sucess!

Beautifully steep! The trail that splits off from Carbonate pass looks like a runoff trail. Also if you are an early hiker plan on walking an extra mile because there is a locked gate that doesn't open until seven a.m.


Moogie737 - Jul 30, 2006 3:41 am Date Climbed: Sep 23, 2020

North Route  Sucess!

5-15-07 - My third time at the summit of this mostly steep hike. This time of year means the gate to the Cardiff Road is closed, so add an additional 2 miles to the r/t total. Also, the trail on the north and the west slopes is impossible to follow because of lingering snow. Still, the hike is enjoyable and the views from the summit are incredible. It took Lana, Christine and me three hous to the top from the BCC road, not bad considering the mushy snow at least half the time. Weather was fabulous. 8-21-07 My 4th time at the top, this time w/ Kim and Lana. North route up, Carbonate route down. From the summit to Carbonate Pass, be sure to drop down on the west side of the ridge. 7-3-08 Ascent #5, with L. and Anne, from Jordan Pines picnic area r/t 3+55. Be advised that the gate at Jordan Pines doesn't open until 7 a.m. Elevation at Jordan Pines is 6982'. #6 7-10-10 Solo. 1+09 from Cardiff Fork road trail split to top. #7 8-14-12 Solo. Hazy smoke-filled skies diminished the usually spectacular panoramic summit views, but it was still nice. The dang trail is still frustratingly steep (north route) nearly all the way. Slow from fatigue carryover: 1+54 up (measured from TH parking lot). #8 9-11-14 W/ John Lewis. 2+00 up from main TH. Wild mink patrolling the TH parking area when we came back. #9 9-1-15 Montreal Hill route w/ ZeeJay & Brent. #10 09-23-20 W/ Lana & Brent. From closed gate below TH. 2+37 up, smoky skies from wild fires here and in CA.

Scott Wesemann

Scott Wesemann - Jul 27, 2006 2:49 pm Date Climbed: Aug 2, 2000

Kessler  Sucess!

Perfect day in the Wasatch. Not very hot on top and excellent views

Matthew Van Horn

Matthew Van Horn - Jul 2, 2006 12:03 am Date Climbed: Jul 1, 2006

Kessler solo  Sucess!

Ascended to Carbonite Pass, then over to the tallest summit, down North route. I did not see a soul until I was headed down, so I had the mountain and ridge to myself. Great hike.

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