Lake Myczkowskie

Lake Myczkowskie

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Lake Myczkowskie - Bieszczady Mountains

Myczkowce is one of the oldest recreational villages located in the Bieszczady Mountains. The village is situated on the right bank of the River San near the man-made lake called Myczkowskie.
The lake was formed by a dam and it is from 6 to 15 meters deep. The construction of the dam started in the beginning of the 20th century, but the structure was not completed until 1956-1960. Power Station was built in Zwierzyn on the other side of the hill near the lake and water is supplied there via a drift 4.5 meters in diameter forged in rock. The lake itself is 2 km2 , but its length in straight line is 6 kilometers.
Water in the lake is very clean and it is always 5 degrees Celsius colder than water in nearby bigger Lake Solina. The road built near the lake contributed to the development of many recreational businesses like summer rental homes and sailing harbors. The shores of the lake are often visited by large birds including black storks and gray herons. The lake very seldom freezes over in winter and therefore every year a few hundred mute swans (cyganus olor) arriving from northern Europe spend winter months here.


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