This is the view from Cathedral Rock, looking northeast across Sedona
toward Margs Draw, Bear Wallow Canyon and the backside of Mitten Ridge.

The shadow being cast is from Airport Mesa.

Mitten Ridge contains such landforms as (l. to r.) Giant's Thumb, Teapot Rock, The Flying Buttress, The Merry-Go-Round and (pyramid-shaped) Point 5,928'.

The Schnebly Hill sandstone (once deposited by an ancient river) is a
formation unique to the Sedona area. It's a deeper red than the layer of
Supai sandstone further below, which extends NW to the Grand Canyon.

Upon Nature's pallet, the low-angle sun illuminates the iron-oxide sandstone to a point of pure ecstasy that only a pair of "Lark's Tongues" could appreciate.

September 16, 2009


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