Loki Gear Impresses the President

A Patented Handshake? Loki Outerwear Impresses the President

Out of Summit Post integrity I avoid blatant bragging about my company Loki Outerwear... I'll break that seal just a bit for this special occasion and photo. August 15, 2009 President Barack Obama visited my home town of Grand Junction, CO. I was invited at the last minute to present Loki gifts to the First Family on behalf of the City. I was chosen to present Loki gifts with Mayor Greg Palmer, Chris Reddin of Grand Junction Business Incubator and other businesses of the City of Grand Junction.

By the time we reached the Grand Junction Municipal Airport to present gift baskets to the First Family the original plans had changed. Time did not allow for the President or the First Family to visit the city greeters. As the First Family came down the stairs of Air Force One the crowd of some thirty people stood silent focused on taking pictures. I thought to myself, “this is the time”. I began clapping my hands in the air and yelled, “Thank you Barack and the Obamas!” The crowd realized their moment and joined in. Regardless of their political stripes they all started cheering.

The President covered the distance of a football field in no time. He quickly went to work coming down the line and shaking outreached hands. My chance to be official had passed. I put my camera away.

I had my Loki Jacket on after demonstrating the Loki design to Senator Mark Udall and Mayor Greg Palmer. As the president reached for my hand I “engaged” the Loki Mitt. He looked at my hand and then smiled at me. “That is my patented handshake,” I said. I pulled my hand in and out of the jacket’s sleeve demonstrating the quick function of the Loki Mitt design. “That would be great for winter,” Barack said calmly but with noticeable enthusiasm. I looked around at the Secret Security as I pulled the built-in Loki Faceshield from my hood and over my face. “It has that too? That is excellent!” the President exclaimed. Governor Bill Ritter nudged the President adding his agreement “that is cool”.

“Thank you Mr. President, I am glad you like it because your whole family is getting Loki outfits and I really want you to enjoy them.” “Thank you so much” I added.

Looking in the President’s eyes during the exchange I sensed sincerity that I rarely witness in most people. It means a lot to me that a standing President enjoyed and appreciated my life’s work. Everyone says if the Obama girls- Malia and Sasha -wear their Loki gear it could be an accomplishment for our small business which began humbly with Jess Rigg’s $700, two dreaming Anderson brothers, and the skilled Rich Houghton in Grand Junction.

Regardless of political persuasion, everyone that witness’s Loki Gear loves it. The Loki Design is perfect for parents and kids in the fall and winter so I hope the Obama girls take Loki Hoodies on cold mornings in our nations capitol. Perhaps the First Family will use their Loki Jackets for skiing at Powderhorn this winter...

I want to send my sincere gratitude to Grand Junction and the great Colorado (and Summit Post) community for years of support. I am honored by the President Barack Obama’s enthusiastic approval of our innovation. It has truly taken a village to make this possible for Loki. Thank you ALL!


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