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Cookie Addict

Cookie Addict - Mar 1, 2010 7:47 pm Date Climbed: Jul 16, 1999

summer ice...  Sucess!

Did the keyhole route with a group from the climbing gym in Co. Springs. First time on summer ice. Felt like CRAP at the summit and had to run part of way down because of afternoon lightning.


micahlynn25 - Feb 16, 2010 6:39 pm Date Climbed: Mar 22, 2008

keyhole in winter

first 14er....long day...beautiful


bryangast - Jan 7, 2010 10:06 am Date Climbed: Oct 4, 1988


A really long walk.


stamina - Nov 8, 2009 4:28 am Date Climbed: Aug 2, 2007

Longs Peak-Running Down A Dream  Sucess!

Began climbing from the trailhead at 0230 hrs in the rain (I know, not recommended, but had a firm plan to bail if weather did not improve), most importantly by the time we reached The Keyhole and to check the weather coming from the west. Man, looking down at Glacier Gorge will wake you up in the morning. Gives you a perspective of what your up against. Longs Peak has taken many, but fortunately we were not on the list that day. For our full story see my TR.......Longs Peak-Running Down a Dream.



Darren9 - Nov 7, 2009 1:45 am

Love Longs  Sucess!

Longs peak via Kieners route was thrilling, fun, and memorable. A great peak worthy of the fame it recieves.


haishan - Sep 27, 2009 7:18 pm Date Climbed: Oct 4, 1997

My first summit  Sucess!

Sprinting up the Keyhole route from Ft Collins, here is where I learned the joys of altitude sickness. Hardly saw anyone all day.


VermontMike - Sep 23, 2009 2:47 pm Date Climbed: Aug 29, 2009

Keyhole  Sucess!

Tons of fun, what a great summit! Large enough to escape to somewhere quiet even when crowded. My first time at RMNP, can't wait to get back to hit more peaks!


Epica - Sep 22, 2009 12:46 am Date Climbed: Aug 7, 2009

So good to be back in CO!  Sucess!

Over 14 hours of hiking! What a great day : ) Would have been shorter if the "short cut" had worked out! At least I didn't die..... and, thankfully there were no thunderstorms.


seano - Sep 20, 2009 11:52 am Date Climbed: Sep 17, 2009

Loft  Sucess!

Nice route -- no crowds until the home stretch, and none of those ugly red and yellow targets on the rocks. Perfect weather.


colinpence - Sep 17, 2009 7:30 pm

very "long" day  Sucess!

Now I know why they call it "Long's" Peak, since the climb is so d&%# long.

Climbed via the Keyhole route...very beautiful but extremely crowded.

Outstanding sunrise on the face of the diamond.


Tracy - Sep 13, 2009 5:09 pm Date Climbed: Sep 12, 2009

Keyhole route w/snow falling  Sucess!

Hiked with Steve Dush to the Keyhole and then I summited by about 10:00 after a 4:00 am start. Lots of people on the way up and on the way down, but I shared the summit with only one other person - probably because a snow storm had started in earnest right before I topped out. I reached the top of the "Homestretch" as a mob of hikers was coming off of the summit plateau and they were warning everyone else coming up to turn around. I was too close to give up on it. Got back to the car at 1:30 after a rather treacherous (slippery) descent.


metal4lyf - Sep 13, 2009 4:23 pm Date Climbed: Aug 22, 2009

my first 14er  Sucess!

this was punishing, but worth it. scary exposure in places. started 12am, returned to TH at 1pm.


pyerger - Sep 9, 2009 10:06 am Date Climbed: Mar 13, 2007

winter time  Sucess!

Hiked into black lake, and climbed the trough route. Climbed this with some friends, which included Lygon Stevens, who passed a year later, in an avy, on Little Bear. She loved to climb. 8/15/10 kieners route


armorfoot - Sep 7, 2009 7:24 pm Date Climbed: Sep 2, 2000

Yeehaw  Sucess!

I was glad to have done it on a weekday. The weather blew, but it was worth it.


eric-griz - Aug 30, 2009 11:45 pm Date Climbed: Aug 29, 2009

Crazy Mountain  Sucess!

Parked the car at 3:30. There were already 100s of cars in lot and along the road. When we made it above treeline you could see a line of headlamps snaking up the mountain. I've never seen so many people on a mountain before. My brother and I made summit at 8:45 and were back to the car four hours later.

ducati38 - Aug 24, 2009 3:52 pm Date Climbed: Aug 23, 2009

2nd Summit!  Sucess!

Picture-perfect day, no wind, lots of sun - rain later so hopefully others made it down before the rocks got wet like we did....:)


belexes - Aug 24, 2009 2:48 pm Date Climbed: Aug 23, 2009

Keyhole  Sucess!

Meetup.com hike. I had 6 people sign up, but only one other person showed up. We started at 3:15AM, summited at 9:45, took a nap at the summit, and got back to the trailhead at 4:15. We hit the jackpot with the weather. It was sunny and warm for most of the day, and it was dead calm on the summit! We did get some light rain, with distant thunder when we got down below the Chasm Lake junction, but that soon passed and the sun returned when we got back to the trailhead. It was a long, hard day. I got a mild case of altitude sickness on top, but I had a great time. Lots of interesting rock formations and banded rocks.

Sarah Simon

Sarah Simon - Aug 23, 2009 8:59 pm Date Climbed: Aug 22, 2009

Keyhole  Sucess!

What a lovely day on an awesome mountain. I forgive Longs for the crowds that flock to it, because this is one fantastic mountain and a blast of a route. Jill and I got a bit of a late start, not hitting the trailhead until 2:55 AM (heh heh) but I loved watching the sun rise on the Keyhole. Minus the dad who made his 12 year old daughter cry on the Narrows, I had such a blast this day. Partner: Jill.


aedwards - Aug 15, 2009 11:17 am Date Climbed: Jul 29, 2009

Keyhole  Sucess!

Hiked up in total fog, camped at boulderfield. Short but strong hail storm in the evening. Got up and hiked with others camped out there.
Some hail on the route past the Keyhole, esp. on the home stretch.
Otherwise awesome, and I think a relatively low-traffic day.


Kiefer - Aug 9, 2009 9:11 pm Date Climbed: Aug 9, 2009

keiners  Sucess!

tagged the extremly windy summit after a strange weather morning on Kieners Route. This route is bad-ass!!!!! 7th summit.

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