Lost Arrow Saves the Day!

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Lost Arrow Saves the Day!
Created On: Jun 25, 2009
Last Edited On: Nov 5, 2009

An exciting morning in the City

Lost Arrow
The stars were brilliant again last night. I was extra warm and slept sticky. The steel grey skies frustrated Ray and he instructed us to pack up and get ready to bail the City for Moab. I stayed quiet and just before we drove out of the City I mentioned that I would like to get another picture of Stienfell’s Dome from the top of Treasure Rock. Ray conceded and we scrambled to the top where my camera’s film ran out after a shot or two. The valley cow pastures were very pleasing to look at. Colorful autumn aspens lined the dry streambed with radiant yellows and gold as khaki meadows of sage had obviously gone to seed in preparation for winter. In the distance, the Lost Arrow jettisoned off of the floor and we both agreed that it could not be more than a half mile or so to get there.
Lost Arrow

With a twinkle in the eye I asked, “Should we give it a shot?”

“Yeah, let’s go for it,” Ray replied.

“Right on!” I hooted and we hopped off Treasure Rock to pack some gear. On the way, we snipped about Mormon pilgrims probably putting up the first ascents of the random 20’ features.

“Ah, come on, ma…I’ll be right safe about it and don’t you worry none, I’ll be fine.”

On Lost Arrow, Ray did just fine too. He enjoyed the perfect finger couplets, great pinchers and friction toe holds, and some really cool exposure above the tree tops. The face moved up and to the right and then into a steep ramp, which lacked the funner aspects of below. The winds picked up, snow flurries whipped through the air, and the temp dropped several notches in the direction of freezing. As I pulled into the belay station, Ray seemed to be enjoying the pinnacle’s climb. From there, it was ten feet up, two moves to the left, and a funky move over the ledge onto a steep slanting, unprotected face.
Lost Arrow
Lost Arrow s Vision of the Inner City

Not being a very good rock climber I felt like leading the route was just insane. So many things could go badly wrong, but they did not and we had a great time enjoying the beauty of the Inner City from the top of Lost Arrow. The 150’ overhanging rappel was fun too.


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Lost Arrow Saves the Day!

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