Ma'ale Boqeq

Ma'ale Boqeq

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 31.20223°N / 35.34714°E
Additional Information County: Israel
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 492 ft / 150 m
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Ma ale (Mount) BoqeqThe view of Ma'ale Boqeq from Ein Boqeq

The Judaean Desert, is a stony plateau that lies between Judaean Mountains in the west and Dead Sea and Jordan Valley in the east. In the east it ends in a steep escarpment dropping down for about 600 m to the Dead Sea coast.

The Judaean Desert is crossed by numerous valleys (wadis) and has many canyons, walls and other mountain terrain features. Often the edge of the plateau looks like a summit especially from the Dead Sea shoe. There are also real mountains of table type surrounded from all sides by wadis and canyons, for example well-known Masada.

All 70 km west cost of the Dead Sea is tempting for various mountain activities, such as hiking, repelling and climbing. A lot of marked trails through wadis, plateau and to summits are available.

Ma’ale Boqeq (Mount Boqeq) is located on the southern-eastern edge of the Judaean Desert, above Ein Boqeq world famous Dead Sea resort. The mount rises about 600 m high from the Dead Sea coast, while it is only 150 m above sea level. The huge summit of the Mount Boqeq with it’s rocky walls dominates in the panorama of Ein Boqeq.

The marked trails begin from the Wadi Bokek bridge on 214 km of the road 90. At the beginning of the path free parking is available.
Ma ale Boqeq

Getting There

From the center of Ein Boqeq to the Isrotel Ganim Hotel parking and then by unmarked path up to the road 90, about 10 minutes by foot.

Red Tape

Wadi Boqeq and Ma’ale Boqeq are the parts of Judaean Desert natural reserve. Hikers are permitted on marked paths only. It is strictly prohibited to hike in the reserve after dark.


Dead Sea

Red Trail begins on the right bank of the Wadi Boqeq. The path rises abruptly upwards through the rocky island to the junction with the Black Trail. Then the path makes a long traverse to the right to a ridge with the characteristic gendarme.

The further lifting along the ridge leads to the wide crack in the top rocky belt and to the plateau. On the plateau the Red Trail is crossed by the Green Trail leading to the highest point of the route.

The Black Trail begins on the left bank of the wadi from the information board. The path goes through the bottom of picturesque wadi, grown with trees and bushes. From the falls the path terns to the right to a 30м rock.

The rock is crossed by the staircases and the cramps in the upper part of the rock. Further the path leaves the wadi and leads to the junction with the Red Trail (approximately on the middle of the ascent).
Wadi Boqeq

The time needed for the ascent by any of the routes is approximately 2 hours.

When To Climb

Ma’ale Boqeq is accessible all-year round. But comfortable hiking is possible only in winter months when the temperature doesn't rise above 25 deg C.



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