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Activities Activities: Big Wall
Additional Information Elevation: 492 ft / 150 m
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The Castle

The so very beautiful town of Makou is located in the Province of West-Azarbaijan and close to Bazargan which is one of the main borders between Iran and Turkey.
The town has plenty of historical attractions which bring many tourists there every year.
There are also beautiful mountains and plains to see while Gharekelisa(TATAUS CHURCH)one of the worlds oldest churches is just an hour away near Chaldoran town.

The wall

Maakou Wall

The wall is located just beside the town or maybe I can say a part of it. Its about 1000 meters wide and the elevation varies between 50 to more than 100 meters.
Its as wide as tens of teams can work on it at the same time without getting in each others way.
A very special part of the wall is the one with a steep minus slope which has been climbed so very few times.This part is as big as covers a mosque,a few houses,and and an ancient army tower under it!These building have probably never been wet by the rain.
The stone seems to be reliable while ascending. Looks quite dense. I didnt havetime to climb but I will probably arrange an other trip to maakou with my friends the next year.


Maakou Town

The ancient way to Turkey used to pass the town of Maku Which made this wall so very special. Because of its strategic place there was a long great wall made circling the whole town and there was a great castle just under the wall.
The more interesting thing about this wall is the Holes in it about 25 meters from the ground which were made as prison hundred years ago.The prisonors were taken to the holes with rope from top of the wall and then left without any chance to escape. You like nature,climbing,trekking or history?Whatever you like you will sure enjoy this wall and the area arround it.


Tataus Church

I would suggest climbing the wall and then camp a little farther near the TATAUS church in Chaldoran Which is shining like a diamond in the mountains.christians from all over the world come to this church to visit. Although you just need your eyes to enjoy it no matter what your religion is.
Its also possible to camp just under the wall or even stay at the motel in Maakou.A 15 minute walk will take you to the wall.

Getting there

If you are in Tehran you can fly to orumieh and then from there you can get to Maakou either by bus or the cars which are available everyday in Orumieh terminal.
If you have enough time then I would suggest not flying.You will be able to see plenty of beautiful places on your way from Tehran to Maakou While passing a few provinces in between.And particularly in Azarbaijan province you can visit Orumieh,Chaldoran,Bazargan,Sardasht,Khoy,Mahabad and Tekab beside Maakou town.One month would not be enough to see the whole West-Azarbaijan province.
Dont worry about the wall When you get to maakou town.Its almost in the town so no problme to find it.even if you are using buses from Orumieh to Maakou you can see the wall when getting out of the bus in Maakou terminal.