Marins - Itaguaré Group

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Piquete/Delfim Moreira and Marmelópolis, Brazil, South America
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Marins - Itaguaré Group
Created On: Sep 23, 2007
Last Edited On: Nov 13, 2009


Marins and Itaguaré are two mountains of Brazilian Highlands, localized between Campos do Jordão town and Serra Fina, whose the summit is Pedra da Mina, at 2797m. Nowadays, these mountains are much visited, growing the chances of depredation and some species become extinct, like pumas and big birds. Structures to take in as guest are in construction at close districts, improving the possibilities to make the traverse of the biggest mountains, called Travessia Marins-Itaguaré. The entire route is possible to see over both mountains, crossing the crest all the time. The highest peaks in these mountains are:

Pico dos Marins 2422m
Pico Marinzinho 2410m
Pico do Itaguaré 2300m
Pedra Redonda 2330m

The length of Marins group is 30km by +-10km of width. The borders are:

North Delfim Moreira and Marmelópolis towns
South Paraíba do Sul River Valley
East Serra Fina
West Campos do Jordão and Serra da Mantiqueira

The main massif is formed by Marins and Marinzinho, two big towers, with a lot of cracked rocks and fissures, surrounded by Capim Elefante, a kind of a big bush, endemic specie of Brazilian Highlands, above 2000m. Pico do Itaguaré, on the west border, is a beautiful and a sharp-pointed mountain, between Marins and Pedra da Mina. Pedra Redonda is in the middle of the Marins-Itaguaré way, in a fantastic equilibrium.

Getting There

The easiest way to go to Marins-Itaguaré Group is by BR-116, departuring from São Paulo (260km) or Rio de Janeiro (245km), taking the exit to Lorena and driving by BR-459 to Piquete town, the last one before the border with Minas Gerais state. After Piquete, take the right exit to Marmelópolis district and search the plates indicating to Pico dos Marins and Ranchonete, the last place to stop the car and start the trek to the top. Using a 4x4, there is a place to stop the car ahead, called Morro do Careca, at 1700m. After this point, just trails to the top of great peaks above 2000m. Trails are well signalized all the way.
Pico dos MarinsPico dos Marins
Pico do ItaguaréPico Itaguaré

Red Tape

No fees to climb Marins and Itaguaré.
This is the last part of...Ascending the top of Marins

Mountain Conditions

Like an Ilusion, just the...Cold fronts in Marins

The weather is tropical humid in the surrounding and till 1800m. Above it, the weather is classified tropical of altitude. April to September, the temperatures can drop to -5/-10°C with heavy cold fronts, becoming from the south region and Atlantic Ocean. In the summer, big storms and hard rains drop on the peaks.

There are a lot of good places to camp in Marins base/top, in the traverse and, close to Itaguaré.

Highfield VegetationCapim Elefante

I recommend treating with chlorine the water. After hard rains, the conditions turn better.

Atlantic Forest (<1500m), Bamboos and bushes (1500 – 2000m) and Capim Elefante above 2000m.

Marins - Itaguaré Group

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