Maverick Hill Trail #568

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Arizona, United States, North America
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Spring, Summer, Fall
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Half a day
Very brushy at end

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Maverick Hill Trail #568
Created On: May 16, 2011
Last Edited On: May 16, 2011


The one-way mileage is about 3.5, with about 1,300 feet of gain. The first 2.5 miles is very easy, as you walk along a wide ATV-trail. Then the fun begins...

Getting There

See main page for driving directions.

The trail starts "behind" the campground as a narrow road on the other side of the barbed-wire fence. In places the wire is gone, and you may be able to drive some of this road, but only for a half-mile. It's probably not worth the hassle.

Route Description

Start walking north along this trail/road. It will curve clockwise around Peak 6467, gain a small pass then drop about 80 feet into White Mule Creek. The ATV path then cuts right and sidehills a little bit before descending into the upper creek. Just walk this pleasant portion, staying on the main track whenever you see smaller tracks veering off. Large ponderosa pine shade this area.

The trail then makes a quick left onto a ridge and quickly ascends out of the trees, now onto more open terrain. The trail stays pretty true to the spine of this long ridge, and you get some good views of Maverick Hill. Stay the course and eventually you come to the end of the ATV track, a bit northwest of peak 7025.

The next few hundred yards is difficult to follow. There are a few cairns but not enough to be useful. Generally, stay as close to the ridges as possible and try to eyeball ways through the thick branchy crud (juniper, madrone, sycamore, cactus, agave...).

Then, the trail re-emerges, but now very overgrown. You still have to keep an eye out for openings and cairns. You bypoass Peak 7242 and eventually come to the end of the trail on the north slope of the summit. Here, the ponderosa come back and the thick undergrowth abates, so the last couple-hundred feet of hiking is fun again.

The top is flat, so spend some time seeking out the summit. I went left and then spied a cairn on my right in a thicket of juniper.

Pay attention to the descent, especially trying to re-catch the meager trail. Once you are back on the good ATV path, it's all cake from here on out.

It took me 3.25 hours to make the round trip.

Essential Gear

Definitely long sleeves and pants for the rough section. Otherwise, the usual: water, food, coat when it gets cool, stick to beat the brush for critters.

Annotated Trail Map

Maverick Hill Trail 568


Maverick Hill Trail #568

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