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Location Lat/Lon: 41.62277°N / 20.65702°E
Additional Information Elevation: 7116 ft / 2169 m
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Medenica (2169) is the highest peak on the Bistra Mountain. Located in western part of Macedonia, Bistra is "heart" of the region known by the name "Mijacija". Medenica is a term, which is derived from "Honey" something like sweetness. This region in Macedonia is very well known for his historical part in Macedonian culture. A lot of folk heroes, artist, writers, and wood carvers.... have origins from this region. Characteristically thing is that nowadays because of the migration villages-to-big cities only few people are living in the villages located on Bistra mountain (Galicnik, Tresonce, Gari, Rosoki, Lazaropole..). From the summit Medenica there is a wonderful view of the region. On the west side there is excellent picture of Korab (2764) Korab and on the Northern side Mavrovo Lake. Bistra is very pictorial mountain you could see: wild horses, snow in July, sheep, medical herbs, medical man…etc. The biggest ski center in Macedonia, Mavrovo is also on Bistra Mountain.

Getting There

Summer approach : You can reach Bistra Mountain from several directions but most easy way is from Skopje by car or bus. The bus lines are regular and decent, but you can only go to Mavrovo ski resort – there is no bus up to Galicnik. There is an excellent road 120 Km from Skopje to Galicnik. Driving to Galicnik is very beautiful you will past the town of Tetovo, Gostivar and the ski resort Mavrovo. When you reach Mavrovo you have only 20 Km to Galicnik. There is no way situation to miss the road because Galicnik is at the end of the road. Very important information - when you reach to Mavrovi Anovi the road is going in two different directions – for Galicnik (Bistra) you should go left and past the Mavrovo Lake – Dam. Winter approach: Because of the heavy snow the road from Mavrovo to Galicnik is closed during the winter. To reach the Galicnik and then to climb Medenica you should go by Mavrovo Lake – Dam and go to town Debar 50 Km far away from Mavrovo. There is a small village named Jance 10 Km before Debar – you could leave you car here (there is also regular bus line from Skopje – Jance). The climb from Jance to Galicnik is approximately 30 to 45 minutes depending of the weather conditions. From Galicnik to Medenica it’s the same route as for the summer. Routes – Galicnik – Medenica. Regular route is marked with mountaineer’s markation. It’s very easy for climb and there are no technical difficulties. Start is in the Galicnik and average mountaineer could reach the summit in 2,5 hours. Northern route is starting also in Galicnik but it’s not marked. However it’s not difficult to oriented, but it’s more time demanding (3 hours). From these route there is a splended view on the Korab, the region is known as Reka with several impressive villages, and the canon of the river Radika. Before the final step on the summit the mountaineer’s markation from the regular route.

Red Tape

No permits or fee required. No seasonal closures - exept the weather condition in the winter. The basic safety rules for all mountains.

When To Climb

The summit is easy available from April to October for all mountaineers. However snow can stay on Bistra, Medenica during July, it depends on the year, so you must take it into consideration and do some additional weather checking. So far as I know there wasn’t any winter climb (maybe I’m wrong). There is a lot of snow visibility is low. This winter I will try to climb (information in December or January).


Camping is allowed on Bistra. There are no huts, but in Galicnik you have several options where to stay - Hotel "NEDA", Restaurant "Bistra".

Mountain Conditions

Yes the village Lazaropole has a metrological station. You could find more information here Bistra-weather Lazaropole is very near Galicnik so the weather situation is the same. During the summer there are one Hotel in Galicnik named “NEDA” where you can stay over night. There is also a restaurant "BISTRA", which is renting rooms for stay. In these last years during winter the Hotel and the Restaurant were out of work. But there is information that the Hotel “NEDA” this winter will be open.

Miscellaneous Info

Sorry about my English. If somebody notice some mistake please contact me. Thanks, Mile