Minya Konka (Gonggashan) Area

Minya Konka (Gonggashan) Area

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Minya Konka (Gonggashan)

Here is an informational photo album of Minya Konka (Gonggashan) and it's surrounding area. This is intended to give good visuals of the area and some info. Enjoy.

Info about Minya Konka

Minya Konka is also known as Gonggashan in Chinese. It is the highest mountain in the Daxue (Big Snow) range and in Sichuan Province. It is perhaps the most dangerous mountain to climb according to the summit to fatality ration of 16 fatalities and 22 summits. Before 1999, more people had died trieng to climb than had reached the summit.

In Tibetan Buddhism, Minya Konka is considered one of the most sacred mountains. To catch a glimpse of the mountain is to have all of one's sins forgiven. Since the mountain is shrouded in clouds 90% of the time, it is also believed to be one's karma whether they see it or don't see it.

Minya Konka lies in the Garze (Ganze) Prefecture of Sichuan Province. The closest city to Minya Konka is Kangding, about to the North. Kangding is the starting point for all trips to Minya Konka. The closest town is Gongga Township and Shangmuju to the southwest. The closest village is Zimei Village to the southwest. The closest building is the Gongga Monastery a few miles to the West. The Gongga Monastery is the starting poing of a technical climbing expedition to Minya Konka and also a passing point for many trekking routes.

The best time to visit the Minya Konka area, and the entire Garze prefecture area is Fall and Spring. Winter is cold and may be impassible if snow is too heavy. Summer is the monsoon season and trekkers will be wet to the point of developing rashes. 

There are many laws in China about traveling, but due to the remoteness of the region, few laws are ever enforced. Becasue of this trekking routes are strewn with litter. Please be responsible. Also, when trekking in the area, it is possible to not see people for days. This is to be kept in mind in case of injury or getting lost.

With this basic knowledge, please enjoy a trip to Minya Konka in the near future!

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