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Location Lat/Lon: 36.11702°N / 59.36929°E
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Additional Information County: Mashhad

About the Moghan cave

The cave's enterances is located at the height of 2123m. usl.(upper sea level).

Cave is located at 30 km. south of Mashhad city and 3 km. south of Moghan village (1647m., N36.13804, E59.38106).
Cave has 2 enterances that the small one is about 3m.*1.5m. and the main (beside the small one) is about 6m.*2m.
Cave has larg halls that people can walk free through them. There is just a narrow passage about 40m. at the end of cave that needs crawling!

Cave's depth: -4m.
Cave's length: 420m.

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