Mont Blanc de Cheilon

Mont Blanc de Cheilon 3860m SW side,

Bernese Alps in Background:
from left to right on the sky line and just under it: Tschingelhorn 3576m, Breithorn 3785m, Grosshorn 3754m, Jungfrau 4158m, Mönch 4099m, Mittaghorn 3897m, Abeni flue 3962m, Bietschorn 3934m, Breithorn 3780m, Schinhorn 3792m, Aletschorn 4195m(just over Mont Blanc de Cheillon), Finsteraarhorn 4274m, Wannenhorn 3906m, Dammastock 3630m, Galenstock 3583m. 07/2006


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