Mont Velan

Mont Velan "robbed" of his frozen gullies

In foreground from left or West and to the right or East-southeast: the partial border (Italy/Switzerland) watershed from the Mont Velan or V'lan" (3734m):

downhill up the two Quota 3672 metres (behind in high), Quota 3650 metres in the extreme margin left or West-northwest, Western triple Brèche (about 3628/30 metres with the exit out from the narrow and slender more Western gully), Mini Western Horn (3623 meters about), almost roundish Broken Horn (about 3612 meters and bifid), three V'lan's Horns (Western 3620 meters, Central Brèche from 3607/8 metres right up to to 3610/12 meters about, Mini Central about 3615 meters (and really not very evident) , Eastern 3618 meters around), more Eastern Brèche from 3600/02 metres to 3608/10 meters about, with the exit out from the great Central Couloir, five Mont Velan 's Jags (about 3595/90/85/80/70 meters) with just detached to the East the Little Velan's Tooth (about 3530/35 metres) up the Testa d'Ariondet also Testa de Riondet (by now almost in the shade; 3.485 meters Kurz's Map) on the South-southeast border (Italy/Switzerland) watershed.

September 29th, 2019. Foto by Osvaldo Cardellina
on Oct 25, 2019 12:16 am
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