Monte Terminio (Monti Picentini)

Monte Terminio (Monti Picentini)

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Location Lat/Lon: 40.83780°N / 14.93850°E
Additional Information Elevation: 5925 ft / 1806 m
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Closer view of the rocky wall...


The Terminio is one of the peaks of the Picentini mountains, and it constitutes a tourist destination both in summer and in winter. From his taller peak (1806 meters s.l.m.) the sight is pushed up to the Salernitan coasts. The varied plain Campolasanpietro, Acqua degli Uccelli, Acquenere, Verteglia offer pleasant standstill in the green more thick, not without furnishing simple and rustic appeasements as the stay in hostels or private chalet, the tastings of genuine foods near the points of comfort and the restaurants. From the Terminio it is possible to go down up to the so-called one “Bocca del Dragone”, an example of carsic phenomenon to 670 meters altitude, that constitutes one of the caves that carry, through the strata of the subsoil, the waters of the sources of Serino.

Mountain Terminio, second in height among the Picentini Mountains, has the two slopes, deeply different among them.

The slope that is leaned out to east, toward Volturara Irpina, is covered by a dense wood of beech almost until to the peak

The west slope, toward Serino, is steep, rocky and impressive. From this side you can see, very close Monte Mai

Mountain Terminio has ample carsic highlands (Plain of Verteglia, Campolaspierto)


Monte Terminio has ample...
A deep rocky opening on the...

Panorama from the top. You...

Terminio is one of the places less celebrated of Italy but is becoming destination of tourism. The slopes of the Terminios show off a landscape-environmental patrimony diversified from whose tops are dominated the surrounding reliefs and the slopes that are extended among the river Sabato and the river Calore from them.

The geologic structure sees the prevail some calcareous rocks of the giurassic and the cretaceous one. Morphology introduces slopes rich in kfloweers and level zones and deprived inaccessible slant of vegetation are messily alternated. The ridges of the peaks are distinguished for their arched forms. The nature discloses a rich and mutable world where you space to him sweets, woody and proper for the pasture they leave the place to the sour one and the impervious one. Her valleys allow the sun to penetrate and this favors the develop of a vegetation type Mediterranean. On the slopes it dominates the chestnut tree and they are met plants what brooms, cerri, maples, ashes, hollies. The vegetation is also represented by shaved lawns where flowerings can be observed among the most variegated despite doesn't miss aromatic grasses, mushrooms and black tartufi.

The rocky west face of Monte...

The panorama that is met is vast and among dense woods of tall stem alternating to dense panoramic foreshortenings of almost unreal atmospheres (in absence of haze, from some you aim the look it is extended up to the gulf of Salerno) while the flora offers exemplary of secular beech trees.

But this is not everything, over and intense days of green it exists the possibility of tastes of history and culture. Among the so many villages castled to the feet or to the tops of the giogaia of the Terminio the suggestive architectural forms of the medieval art can be discovered. The signs of a rich history are present in every country: bridges, ruins of fortifications, castles, abbeys, churches with sculptures, paintings, chapels and bell tower.

Getting There

The map of the zone where M....

It is possible to reach the zone of the Terminio through the highway A/16, the Avellino-Salerno, the National 7 and 164, the Autolinees from Avellino, Naples, Salerno, the railroad Avellino-Rocchetta S. Antonio and the Speedway Solofrana.

The area that we are about to describe includes the places: Parolise, Lapio, Taurasi, Senerchia, Calabritto, Caposele, Montella, Volturara Irpina, Cassano Irpino, Montemarano,S.Angelo all'esca, Fontanarosa, Paternopoli, Castelfranci, S. Mango sul Calore, Chiusano S. Domenico, Salza Irpina, Luogosano, Nusco, Bagnoli Irpino-Laceno, Castelvetere sul Calore and Sorbo Serpico.

The map of Campania with the...

The place of the Terminio is extended for around 200 kilometers.

See Route description

Red Tape

 Mountain Terminio has ample...

No permits required. Monte Terminio is in the Regional Park of Monti Picentini

Miscellaneous Info

It is a zone where the man is installed in remote times; numerous archaeological, artistic and monumental finds there are to testify it.

To appreciate they are the naturalistic and environmental wealths of which the area prepares: you are enough to think that the solo Project Bioitaly has individualized well 11 areas of absolute oneness: among these the Tall Valley of the Calore Irpino, Plain Carsic of the Terminio, Plain of Laceno, Querceta of the Incoronata, Tall Valley of the Ofanto, Mountain Accellica, Mountain Terminio, Mountain Tuoro, Plain of the Dragon, Vallone Matrunolo and Tall Valley of Sabato.

In these 26000 hectares of uncontaminated nature they are present different kinds of animals and plants some of these very rare ones. The fauna includes mammalian (wild cat, otter, wolf), numerous kinds of birds (allodola, averla, hawk pecchiaiolo, wandering hawk, grillaio, real owl, lanario, martin fisherman, blackbird, brown kite, real kite, black woodpecker, royal eagle, woodcock, calandro, colombaccio, cuckoo, quail, turtle dove, tottavilla, starna), repent (cervone, saettone, natrice tassellata, luscegnola, ramarro, coronellae orbettino); as it regards the amphibians, these include abdomen yellow ululone, salamandrina from the glasses, dappled salamander, frog, tree frog and newt crestato; fishes (arborella and barbel).

Still richer it is the flora, for which they are signalled: poplar, roverella, rate, ontano, agrifoglio,faggio, leccio, cerro, chestnut tree, Neapolitan crespolina and grasslands of tall quota (that they understand Calabrian starlet, hat pin of the Cilento, straw of Calabria, salvastrella, vedovella, tail of mouse, columbine, verbasco, crest of Wettstein and clover). .

The Picentinis Mountains are rich of Spontaneous Orchids. If you want to know more of it, follow the links

Orchidacee dei M. Picentini

Orchidacee dell'Appenino Salernitano


1 - Map 1:30000 Monti Picentini Ed. Club Alpino Italiano Sez. di Salerno
2 - Map 1:25000 Serino Ed. IGM
3 - Map 1:25000 Solofra Ed. IGM
4 - Map 1:25000 Bagnoli Irpino Ed. IGM


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Free climbing on Monti Picentini


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