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Location Lat/Lon: 53.03151°N / 118.06835°W


Morro Peak is the distinct looking round bump on the Northwest end of the Colin Range. Being only 1600 m in height, it is dwarfed by surrounding mountains, however, its rounded top and impressive looking limestone slabs, and proximity to Highway 16 make it stand out.

This peak contains several rock climbing venues that are a short drive and approach to Jasper. They include:

River Rock / Morro Slabs
Morro Bluffs
Morro SW Face Multipitch Routes

Morro Peak is not a mountaineering objective on everyone's tick list, but it is a popular scramble and the multi-pitch routes are very scenic.

Being in the Front Ranges, the area receives little precipitation and makes a good alternative when the higher peaks are out of condition. The southern aspect of the face means it that what little snow it receives, melts of quickly. Sometimes you can climb all the way into November.

Getting There

From Jasper townsite, drive 20 km north on Highway 16 towards Edmonton. The SW Face of Morro Peak will be clearly visible on your left as you drive. At about 20 km you will enter a 70 km wildlife speed zone (bighorn sheep) and cross the Athabasca River. Park on the left after the bridge. The slabs visible from the bridge are the River Rock/Morro Slabs. Guides frequently use this area for teaching and top-roping.

From the parking lot, head uphill and follow the trail towards Morro Peak. This is the Overlander Trail. After 5-10 minutes you will encounter a memorial stone with a plaque. To climb at Morro Bluffs, take the left fork uphill to the base of the cliff. To climb the multi-pitch routes up the SW Face, continue on the overlander for another 10 minutes or so. A trail will fork left from the main Overlander trail towards the face of Morro. To the base of the Guides Route and Mountaineers Route total approach time is about 45 minutes.

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Snaring Campground in Jasper National Park is the closest campground to the climbs at Morro Peak.

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