Mount Batur Vulcano Sunrise Trekking

Mount Batur Vulcano Sunrise Trekking

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Bali, Mount Batur - Volcano Sunrise Trekking

We recently visited Bali (Indonesia) and din't want to miss the opportunity to climb an active volcano. Mount Batur located at the center of two concentric calderas north west of Mount Agung, is an active volcano on the island of Bali, Indonesia. It is popular choice among tourist and amateur hikers as it has splendid views from the top and one can witness how to steam boil breakfast on a volcano. We were not sure if it would be good to climb without a guide, so to be on the safe side we just took a guide trough an agency and went with the flow. The cost was about $55-60 pp, this included the tour guide, hotel pick off and drop off, entrance fee to the hot springs  

To reach the summit of Mount Batur and to witness the sunrise above the island of Bali, you'll have to wake up early, very early and the pick-up from the hotel was at 2 am in the morning. The tour starts roughly at 3.30am, don't expect that you'll be alone though as the path was lit like a runway by literary hundreds of tourists. Reaching the top of the mountain took about 2 and a half -3 hours. As the trail gets steeper, sharp volcanic rocks will start surrounding you, so watch your step.

Mount Batur summit

Temperatures drop fast as you get closer to the summit so be prepared with a light jacket or a hoodie also it is recommended to bring long pants and trekking shoes. Once you reach the top the beauty of the mountain will enchant you and once the sun rises over Bali you will have splendid view on Lake Batur and the lava field from the last eruption. We took about 2 hours rest on the summit just breathing in the fresh air with warm drinks in our hands glazing at the horizon and having that special breakfast. After going round the crater which took about 30 minutes we started our descend the same path we climbed up the mountain and only at this point i realized how steep and slippery the track is.  

Lava field
Lava field
Unnamed Image
Lake Batur & Lava Field
Unnamed Image
Volcano Steam Boiled Eggs & Bananas

The climb was physically not too challenging and anybody with an avarage fitness condition can make it. The whole trip is about 5-5.30 hours (2.30 hours ascent, 3 descent).


01.30-02.30: Pick-up time at hotel.
03:00: Arrive at starting point 
03.20: Begin trail trek to Mount Batur.
05:30: Arrive at the summit
06:15: Enjoy the spectacular views and sunrise. While enjoy refreshments of hot tea and volcanic steam boiled eggs, bananas.

07:00: Continueing the trek around the main crater 
08:30-45: Arriving at finish point

What you should bring:

  • Trekking Shoes - Wear comfortable shoes with a good grip. 
  • Jacket - Long Pants - You will go through different temperature changes, so I suggest a layered outfit which is not too heavy.
  • Head torch - although you get a torch from your guide, a head torch would definitly be more handy for the more steepy part of the climb
  • Extra pair of dry T-shirt - going trough different temperatures will make you sweat. once you reached the top, it will be cold, so a dry T-shirt will come in handy.
  • Camera - for obvious reasons
  • Bottle of Water - although along the trail you'll find a Warung where you can buy drinks and snacks, we proffered to be prepared with 2 bottles of water.

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