Mount Chapin Hike

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Mount Chapin  Hike
Created On: Oct 27, 2009
Last Edited On: Nov 19, 2010

An Easy But Worthwhile Summit

I climbed Mount Chapin in July 2009. It was a great hike. It was a spur of the moment decision and I didn't hit the trailhead until 10:00 am but there was still ample parking. Here are some of the pictures. You can actually see almost the entire hike in the picture above taken from the Alpine Visitor Center.The trailhead is in the trees in the center of the picture. Likewise, looking back over your shoulder you can also see the Alpine Visitor Center throughout much of the hike as well. The first couple hundred of feet from the trailhead are quite steep but it levels out after that and even the hike from the trail to the summit is not too bad.The large marmot seems to live on the summit. Other hikers have run acrosso him as well. Once on the summit which is near the north end of the ridge, its worth wandering south along the rim for quite a ways just to peer down the series of steep gullies along the southwest face of the mountain. The towers on the ridges are spectacular At just about any point you can descend the west side of the mountain and catch either the upper or lower trail back to the trail head although the slopes to the south are somewhat steeper than the cairn marked ascent near the north end. Chapin Peak from Chapin trailhead must be the quickest and esiest significant summit in the park. You should be able to due trail head to summit in an hour with a brisk pace.

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Mount Chapin Hike

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