Mount Elbrus-standard route...

Mount Elbrus-standard route as viewed from Cheget Peak.----

A=Barrels hut; the normal starting point for the climb of Mount Elbrus, elevation 12,795 feet (3900 meters)----

B=Approximate location of Deisel Hut, elevation 13,638 feet (4157 meters)----

C=Pashtuhova Rocks elevation, 15,321 feet (4670 meters)----

D=Saddle, elevation 17,769 feet (5,416 meters)----

E=West Summit elevation, 18,513 feet (5642.7 meters)----

F=East Summit elevation, 18,441 feet (5621 meters)----

Photo taken by Pilgrim Tours in summer of 2003 and is used with permission.

Route and annotations were added by myself.


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