Mount Helicon

Mount Helicon

Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Lat/Lon: 38.30000°N / 22.88000°E
County: Greece
Activities: Hiking
Elevation: 1749 ft / 533 m


Mount Helicon, reaching an elevation of 1749 amsl, is Greece's 59th highest. It was regarded as one of Greece's most sacred mountains from the ancients, due to the many prominent incidents of their mythology having had taken place there. Despite its vicinity to Athens, it does not frequently receive visitors and there aren't any facilities to be found there. It can be easily conquered within a one day trip starting from Athens. Its old, pristine forest and the amazing views from its top, do definitely make it deserve to be paid a visit.  

Getting There

The trail starts from the uppermost point of the village of Aghia Anna (38.314622 22.900135), at the north-east side of the mountain. The village is located about 140km north af Athens and it can be reached within 2 hours of driving. Take the main highway towards Lamia and then take the exit towards Thebes and Livadeia. A few km before reaching the latter, keep an eye for a sign directing left to Aghia Anna village. It should be possible to reach the village by public transport from Thebes or Livadeia, though the routes wouldn't be frequent.


The trail is fairly well signaled throughout its whole length. The first part of it runs through fir-forest southwards along the ravine. As it exits the forest it turns to the west until reaching a narrow plateau where a shack made of cement bircks lies. From there the peak is visible to the north-west and can be reached by either following the signs zigzaging up the slope, or by just ascending in straight line

Red Tape

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When to Climb

All year round


Camping is allowed and free at every part of the mountain.

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