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matt81 - Nov 28, 2006 5:43 am Date Climbed: Oct 8, 2006

Route Climbed : Gulfside Trail  Sucess!

Part of Northern Presi Traverse


woodstrider - Oct 11, 2006 8:43 pm Date Climbed: Aug 21, 2003

Picking up the pieces  Sucess!

After being ejected from this range last year I returned to pick up the pieces. I came up the Caps Trail and then hiked south on the AT. Lovely sunset, perfect conditions this time.


danny-boy - Oct 1, 2006 11:14 pm Date Climbed: Feb 3, 2002

From Gray Knob Cabin  Sucess!

Stunnig day. Clear skies and sun. Absolutely non-Presidential like


Flanders - Sep 26, 2006 10:10 pm Date Climbed: Sep 4, 2006

Presi Traverse  Sucess!

Climbed it 3 times it was so much fun - actually got seperated from partner in 60 mph winds and 30' of visibility. Nasty weather and no views.


jpvt - Sep 21, 2006 4:20 am Date Climbed: Sep 16, 2006

presi traverse  Sucess!

i think this was the most crowded summit of all the presidentials (except washington)


bidwelldk - Sep 15, 2006 5:06 pm

Presi Traverse  Sucess!

Beautiful Day!

Brian Jenkins

Brian Jenkins - Sep 12, 2006 6:01 pm Date Climbed: Sep 4, 2006

Via Gulfside to Loop  Sucess!

Bagged it with Flanders as the seventh peak of our south to north Presidential Traverse. No visibility, in fact, we got separated on the summit and lost each other for the rest of the afternoon. We were about 25 feet from each other at the time. Winds and rain, fog and gloom.


pingzingr - Aug 13, 2006 8:28 pm Date Climbed: Aug 9, 2006

Gulfside to Loop  Sucess!

120 miles of visibility...only the second day this year! In talking to locals they said that many of them had been up in the area multiple times and NEVER had a day like that. From Washington down across Clay and on to Jefferson. I think Jefferson was my favorite summit in the northern Presis, not sure why, just was. Great sun and weather, no complaints...after this it was on to Adams.


TLP - Aug 10, 2006 2:19 pm Date Climbed: Aug 9, 2006

Great Day  Sucess!

Took the Caps Ridge Trail, which is FUN! I liked it. Just a great day weather wise. Though a bit nippy at the top. But great clear skies. One guy got me laughing when he comes over from Adams and goes "Gee, What lousy Weather!" We both got a good laugh out of that, as you couldn't have asked for a nicer day.


musicmountain - Aug 2, 2006 1:15 am Date Climbed: Oct 22, 2005

3's the magic number  Sucess!

had to turn back twice before because of bad weather, but made it the third. above treeline was like an ice palace.....beautiful

royswkr - Jun 14, 2006 12:21 am Date Climbed: Oct 8, 1985

Up Castle Ravine, down Lowes Path  Sucess!

Trail-bagging trip, at end of day I had completed 3/4 of the mileage in AMC White Mtn Guide. But I'd left too many of the worst-sounding ones, and never finished.


injektilo - Jun 10, 2006 12:41 am

Gulfside Trail  Sucess!

Climbed during a backpacking trip back in 2002.


sprosseda - Jan 26, 2006 12:24 pm

Route Climbed: up castle ridge, down caps Date Climbed: June 2002  Sucess!

Enjoyable and rough connector trail over to castle ridge from caps. Totally socked in on top. Went down caps ridge which had a couple of nice scrambling sections.


giggy - Dec 30, 2005 1:44 pm

Route Climbed: caps ridge/six husbands/jeff loop/gulfside Date Climbed: many  Sucess!

great mt!


kpthomson - Nov 26, 2005 11:14 am

Route Climbed: Caps Ridge Date Climbed: 11/19/05  Sucess!

Nice Class2 winter hike. Fed a Canadian Jay at the Potholes on the way up. Sketchy footing on descent.

Matt Worster

Matt Worster - Nov 10, 2005 11:32 am

Route Climbed: Caps Ridge Date Climbed: Summer 1995  Sucess!

Hiked with a high school friend of mine. Nice day, partly cloudy, easy route.

Cookie Addict

Cookie Addict - Oct 14, 2005 5:18 am

Route Climbed: Presidential Traverse Date Climbed: June 3, 2005  Sucess!

8 peaks - we missed the last one on accident - in 19.8 miles. I slept REALLY well that night!


nartreb - Sep 13, 2005 11:08 pm

Route Climbed: gulfside (presi traverse) Date Climbed: 10 sept 2005  Sucess!

Surprisingly, the summit was much more crowded than Madison or Adams.

Incredible views on a fantastically clear day.


WhiteLief - Sep 10, 2005 11:18 pm

Route Climbed: Caps Ridge Trail, then on to Adams Date Climbed: Sep 9 2005  Sucess!

The Northern Presidential range is just a spectacular place. The Great Gulf Wilderness is one of the most beautiful places I know in ths country. And to combine all of the views and all of the hiking on a day without clouds or limits to visibility, and temps in the 40s and 50s, well, it really doesn't get any better than that!

We did Caps Ridge Trail in under two hours. Ample parking. By chance we ran into Andy, then expanded our route to Adams and down Lowe's Path (and with Andy's help and this dynamic car spotting got back to our wheels).


rolkamon - Sep 5, 2005 10:56 am

Route Climbed: Gulfside / Jefferson Loop Date Climbed: 1 September 2005  Sucess!

Day 4 of Franconia to Pinkham. Beutiful clear and windy. I don't know which trail is nicer, gulfsides of crawford path. both are fantastic. Little sheltered plateau behind the summit. summit is probably 20ft above scarmbling. There is a tower of a cairn here.

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