Mount Kinesava-- East Face Route

The route is not as simple as it may look. First of all, it is entirely off-trail, and the approach is tedious, mostly Class 2 with some Class 3 but with steep grades, brush, and loose footing. In my opinion, the approach was harder than the climb itself.

Once at the base of the mountain itself, follow the obvious weakness up the east face. This entails a good deal of Class 3 scrambling and some Class 4 sections. Only one short stretch is really exposed, though, and that part is a simple ledge walk above some cliffs where the route is at its narrowest.

Higher up, you can attain one of two notches. Neither seems any easier or harder than the other. I used the one on the right on the ascent and the one on the left on the descent just to see.

Once up there, there's still a little more to go to reach the summit pyramid itself.

Zion National Park, UT-- April 2011


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