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Location Lat/Lon: 40.33900°N / 119.2818°W
Additional Information Elevation: 7312 ft / 2229 m
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Overview & Description

Mt. Limbo is a relatively well-known site for local Reno, Nevada rock climbing/scrambling. Most of the activity takes place on the lower portions of the actual mountain, and the summit itself sees few visitors despite its very Sierra-like nature.

While many locals refer to the area as "the Limbo's", this is actually a misnomer, as Mt. Limbo is simply the southern-most peak in the Selenite Range. The Selenites are located a couple of valleys into the Great Basin from the Sierra, and actually border on the infamous Black Rock Desert. Another peak in the Summitpost index, Kumiva Peak, is the high point of this interesting and tourist-free mountain range.

The portion of the Selenites containing Mt. Limbo (and it's slightly higher neighbor Purgatory Peak) is composed of granite. Due to the weathering nature of the desert environment, the resulting mountainsides are either outcrop or fine DG, with precious little talus variety in between. Thus, routes to the summit must be chosen with care to avoid unpleasant slogs.

There are, however, several significant granite faces and boulders on the way up, and the level of climbing difficulty is left up to the hiker to decide.

Getting Out There

Directions for getting to this peak are generally the same as those for Kumiva Peak, however the final turn off of the highway is taken sooner.

From Reno, take Interstate 80 east ~25 miles to the first Wadsworth/Nixon/Pyramid Lake exit. Drive the 1.5 miles to a junction with State Hwy 447 leading to Pyramid Lake. Turn north and proceed ~15 miles to Nixon. Ignore the turnoff for State Hwy 446 and continue towards Gerlach/Empire on 447. Drive for ~35 more miles, passing first the toe of Pyramid Lake and then the lengthy dry lakebed of Lake Winnemucca. After passing the end of the playa, look for a large power line crossing the highway and turn right (east) here. The mountain in front of you is Mt. Limbo. All routes up the peak will be accessed from this power line road.

No Red Tape

There are ZERO regulations in effect for this area, except for laws prohibiting the shooting of wild horses. Control yourself in this, and all will be well with you.

Hikers should take into account fall big-game hunting seasons: don't duct-tape horns to your dome, and expect to see people if you go during this time.

When To Climb

The comparatively mild snow conditions of the Great Basin offer an extended dayhiking season for those who don't like to gear up for major winter alpine adventures. Winter climbs should be done with waterproof boots and gaiters if there is any snow.

Summer hikes should always involve lots of water, as the evaporation rates get quite high in Nevada.

The nearest source of water on this peak is the 76 gas station at the I-80 exit --- plan accordingly.

Times of high snow accumulation and/or muddy conditions may hamper driving efforts on the dirt road sections. Have high-clearance and 4WD (and know how to use it) if you go during a potentially stormy day.

Camping, Lodging, & Gas

Camping is available anywhere on surrounding BLM land.

Lodging is located in Reno (85 miles).

The nearest reliable gas is at the I-80 exit (60 miles).

Mountain Conditions.........are subject to change

Like most Great Basin peaks, this one requires creative research and
a lot of guessing to determine current conditions!