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utclimber - Dec 12, 2009 9:01 pm Date Climbed: Aug 9, 2009

North side  Sucess!

I climbed Nebo and North Mountain on a beautiful day in about 6 hours round trip. This is a really nice hike.


Pharmacist - Oct 4, 2009 3:39 pm Date Climbed: Sep 19, 2009

north route  Sucess!

Climbed North Peak on the way up, kinda steep, clouds gathered and chased us off the mountain. I think we were the last ones to summit that day. Black clouds surrounded the summit by the time we got back to our car.


shphilby - Sep 6, 2009 3:41 pm Date Climbed: Sep 3, 2009

North ridge  Sucess!

Camped at the cattle guard and when we were chillin a guy was hiking down with a 2 year old we went over and started to talk and his sister was on her way down with a 6 month baby. they made it all the way up to the peak. we headed out at first light. hit the peak in 3 hr. ran up to north peak on our way back.


KirtDavis - Sep 3, 2009 7:50 pm Date Climbed: Sep 3, 2009

Wow  Sucess!

Up in 3 hours, 40 minutes, spent an hour up top reading summit register, 2 1/2 - 3 hours down. Great mountain!


boisedoc - Jul 24, 2009 9:57 am Date Climbed: Jul 23, 2009

north route  Sucess!

first time in the Wasatch. Pretty area.


remmiw - Jul 13, 2009 3:07 pm Date Climbed: Jul 12, 2009

Mt. Nebo via North Route  Sucess!

Great hike with few patches of snow left. Flowers were everywhere. Only saw 2 other people via North route all day. Was very proud of my 11 year old that made it up and back.


rockthrowjoe - Jan 9, 2009 11:59 am Date Climbed: Sep 8, 2002

South Summit via Willow Creek  Sucess!

Very steep trail to start off with. Awesome view from the top.


Kadee - Jan 8, 2009 4:23 pm Date Climbed: Jul 20, 2008

Mike's first hike with me.  Sucess!

I wanted to do Nebo and didn't have anyone to go with me. I don't know how I did it, but I talked Mike into going with me. It was a great hike and Mike did awesome for his first "real" peak. We took the North route. We could see a nasty thunder storm coming in as we got to the top. Made it off the top before the storm came.


MikerHiker - Dec 30, 2008 8:58 pm Date Climbed: Jul 20, 2008

Great Hike  Sucess!

Fantastic Hike, It was a very Hot day, somewhere in the 90s. We started at 9am and got back to the car at around 3pm spent about 45 minutes on top. Watch out for the thunder storms during the summer, They started to build up around noon or so. I'm not going to lie to you, It was a hard hike for me, but I am so glad I made it, I think the view from the top is second to none. highly recommend this hike.


byates - Dec 7, 2008 11:18 pm

Mutiple routes and climbs  Sucess!

Alot of times first trip in 1995


renogurt - Oct 29, 2008 11:24 am Date Climbed: Oct 15, 2008

Lots of snow  Sucess!

Yes, I did forget my boots, so I wore skate shoes and cotton socks to the summit. About a foot of snow starting right after North Peak. The final ridge is awesome, I'd love to get it in the winter. A must-do!


vernile - Sep 8, 2008 12:38 am Date Climbed: Sep 11, 2004

One Hard Hike  Sucess!

I hiked Mount Nebo in September of 2004 with my friend Bruce from Wyoming. Of all the Utah high points I have hiked thus far, this is the toughest. It may have had something to do with taking the wrong trail and having to bushwack up a steep talus slope to get back on track, but nonetheless...


pbogen - Aug 26, 2008 5:20 pm Date Climbed: Aug 23, 2008

North Ridge  Sucess!

Summited on a beautiful Saturday afternoon from the North Ridge. Saw only a few other groups. Great hike that is not so hard.


tmcrane - Aug 11, 2008 6:03 pm Date Climbed: Jul 24, 2008

South Summit via Andrew's Ridge  Sucess!

A beautiful day for an amazing hike. We made it to the summit in 4.5 hours (at a very leisurely pace). Our descent to the trailhead took about 2.5 hours. This is a challenging route with plenty of scenery to enjoy along the way.


ericwillhite - Jul 15, 2008 9:51 pm Date Climbed: Jul 6, 2008

North Ridge  Sucess!

Very nice area and bag North peak on your way up as well. Pics and map at


vanman798 - Jun 3, 2008 3:58 pm Date Climbed: Sep 9, 2016

With Klas  Sucess!

Sept 9, 2016 - with KLAS, Monument Trailhead. 3 hours up and
2 hours down.


May 8, 2010 - Went up pole canyon with the UCC on May 8, 2010. We got about 19 people to the peak.
Nov. 1, 2008 - Climbed to the North Peak via the North Route (2.75 hours), then traversed to the Middle Peak (45 minutes), then continued over to the South Peak (1.5 hours). Descended via Andrews Ridge to to the Nebo Bench trail and followed that back to the Mona Pole road. Over all covered almost 18 miles and approximately 4000 vertical feet (going from peak to peak to peak one has to lose and regain about 500 feet of elevation). Round trip with food and picture breaks included took about 9.5 hours. See the video.

~North Peak/ South Peak/ No Peak~
Soloed the South Peak, via Andrew's Ridge, Oct 15, 2005.

Bagged the North Peak with WarriorPoet, via the North Route, Sept 3, 2007.

Tried for the South Peak, via Willow Creek, Jan 19, 2008 but didn't summit.

mtn runr

mtn runr - May 18, 2008 1:22 pm Date Climbed: May 17, 2008

Spring is Here!  Sucess!

and it brought out the ATV's in Mona Pole Canyon. We didn't don snowshoes until well into Jone's Canyon, well above its intersection with the Mona Pole Road. We got 6,300 vertical feet and sunburned. Great day!


JDrake - Apr 2, 2008 6:21 pm Date Climbed: Oct 27, 2007

October ascent  Sucess!

09/10 North route, north summit. Great hike and views from the top. Pretty crowded for Nebo.

10/07 Took the south route to south summit. Loved every minute of it even after tweaking my knee on the way down. Had the mountain to myself, didn't see another soul on my way up or down. To me, that's perfect and I really connected to Nebo.


warriorpoet - Mar 10, 2008 10:50 pm Date Climbed: Jan 26, 2008

Winter Route via Mona

I signed up to go with BYU Outdoors Unlimited, because some friends wanted do it that way so they could rent the gear, and I don't have a lot of winter climbing experience yet. At about 9,000 ft. one of our guides was feeling queezy, and the other guide decided to go back down with him. At a little over 10,000 ft. A diabetic guy got sick, and so we all went back down with the remaining guide. basically it was a waste of money, because I already have all my own gear. Lesson learned: take a level 1 avalanche course, get your own equipment, and don't waste money on professional guides.


vanman798 - Jun 3, 2008 4:01 pm

Re: Winter Route via Mona

"Professional" guides? You use the term very loosely, yes? :)

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