Mountaineering Rock climbing and Self rescue

Mountaineering Rock climbing and Self rescue

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Italian trek mountaineering and self rescue school

Hello everyone:

My name is Hiram Vazquez, I am a 26 years of age, born in San Diego California, cross border raised, between San Diego and Tijuana. As a Medical Assistant, Kaplan College graduate, I am currently a caregiver employee, happily working taking care and making companionship to people with disabilities. I am also an outdoor lover, camper hiker, seasonal hunter raised, with many years of experience, who lately has been very passionately learningMountaineering, and Climbing, but that is only where my dreams start.  In the past  year, ive learning, purchasing and reading books, studying, training, excercising from resources i have found on  techniques by going out almost weekly to put those techniques safely to the test. Also by taking local challenges and social media challenges, such as the 52 Hike challenge,  Reto de montaƱas(in Baja, Mexico) and the Six pack of peak challenge.  The reason that i am raising the money for, is to take the courses needed to push myself to the next level, and accomplish more goals, like climbing more mountains and and reaching new vertical limits, while being mentally prepared and trained to safely get outof any emergency that may come for one self and others. The way that i inted to do that, is that with your help, i will be able to enroll Italian trek: national school of alpinism and alpine rescue. Located in Mexico city. The courses that i am planning to take there are basically 4 courses.

-Alpinism course (high mountain and rappel)

-Rock climbing course (sport and multipitch)

- Self rescue course (for mountaineering)

-Self rescue course (for rock climbers)

The reason that i chose, italian trek over other rescue schools, is because of one reason: 
Nationally they have proven quality and profesionalism by taking time to teach each course at a rate where one as a pupil has time to study and comprehend every standard that they impart,  in each course. With books and hands-on learning experience, every course  lasts about a month to really get the information sinked in. As a concious person, and an avid adventurer, i am more than aware that mountaineering and climbing is not an activity that should be taken easily relying on what i have self learned from books, videos, and weekend camping trips to national parks and woods. But mostly from taking classes, courses and also by gathering life experience from them, since moutaineering is mostly a survival activity done outdoors. 
Unfortunatley it has been very hard for me to save and gather that money, because, investing in mountain gear can be very expensive even if is bought pre-owned. It would mean a world to me to receive your help and i would be eternally thankfull to all of you, because this would be the new beginning of a new career path that i wish to pursue, reaching new limits and to help others . Any amount will be truly appreciated. No donation is too small. Every contribution counts. If this gofundme is fully funded it will pay for all of my education and training needed to fullfill a life changing dream. 

Thank you very much for your attention.  any references or questions that you may have you may feel free to ask them right away and i will gladly answer all of your questions.

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