Mrzla gora

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Mrzla gora
Created On: Oct 14, 2010
Last Edited On: Oct 14, 2010

Mrzla gora is known as climbing mountain, not very dangerous, but when You get up and down, You will see, that this mountain gains our respect. Also when You turned back without to get on the peak, You wouldn’t be alone. Mrzla gora has a reputation of not hospitable peak: reasons are different (bad conditions, dangerous climbing, not secured path…)
The last part of mountain is like a large pyramid, and also climbing is very hard. So it is necessary to have good condition and experience with climbing. The paths aren’t good secured, part because of a difficulty of mountain; part because the mountain isn’t on way some longer climbing tour.

Mrzla gora (“Cold mountain”) is a part of Kamnik/Steiner Alps, located on the northeast side of Group. Is a peak with altitude of 2.203m, on the peak we can come from two sides (marked paths), but for both direction we need some knowledge and experience of climbing.
The look from peak is very nice also to north side (Austria – Charintia with Drava valley), to south and west we have all others peaks from Kamnik/Steiner Group.

East and southeast of Mrzla gora are starting points for climbing. To both places (Matkov kot and Logarska dolina) we get from main road Ljubljana-Celje direction Mozirje – Ljubno – Luce – Solcava. On start of Logarska dolina we get to pay entrance also for cars (about 5 EURO), but we can take also a main road to Pavlicevo sedlo (also a border between Slovenia and Austria) and after a few hundred meters we get to turning to valley “Matkov kot”. This road is usually closed, so we can walk through the valley.
Also is possible to get from Austrian side, from Eisenkappel through Vellach and turning to “Pavlicevo sedlo”. These main roads get direction cross boarding Jezersko.

1. Dom na Okreslju
2. Planinski dom v Logarski dolini

From Matkov kot (marked))
From Logarska dolina (marked)
Over Hudi prask (without marking)
Over Ledine (Jezersko)

> When we come from Matkov kot, maybe on a half way we find an interesting natural phenomena: a crater-like snow hollow eroded by a powerful 40-metre high waterfall that appears each spring (altitude about 1480 m).


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Mrzla gora

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