Mummy kill

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Colorado, United States, North America
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Dec 31, 1969
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Mummy kill
Created On: Aug 8, 2007
Last Edited On: Sep 29, 2007


Brad And I decided to do the mummy kill, about a 12 hour route covering 8-10 summits depending on how motivated and in shape you are. The route is located in Rocky Mountain National Park, beginning at the chapin trail head and ending at the lawn lake trailhead.

Getting There

We came from Greeley with two vehicles headed east on highway 34 into Estes Park. Took the bypass to the north kiosk to RMNP. Once in RMNP we dropped one car off at the lawn lake trail head and headed up old fall river road to the chapin trailhead.

Route Description

We set off from the trailhead at about 5am. We made it to the first summit, which was the unnamed west peak of Mt Chapel (12,), soon after we made it to the true summit of Chapel. It only took us about two hours to get to the summit. We then made way to the first thirteener Mt. Chiquita (13,069).
Mt. Chapel
Mt Chapel
Mt Chiquita

It only took us about an hour to reach the summit. The climb wasn't bad at all, just steep tundra with some loose rock. Soon after we set off for our fourth summit Ypsilon mountain (13,514).
Ypsilon Mountain
Once again it only took about an hour to reach summit although we were tempted by the false south summit.
After we set off for Fairchild mountain(13,502), we came across some confusion. I take full blame for this one.
Ypsilon Mountain
We encountered what looked to be a tricky trek across the saddle between Ypsilon and Faichild. We were a bit confused on which way to go and decided to descend into the saddle deeper than we were supposed to and trek across due west towards the south west face of Fairchild. This ended up kicking our butts and setting us back four hours as we should have taken the tricky looking route. Once upon the southwest face of Fairchild we made way up some large boulders for some fun class two/three scrambling which almost made up for the wrong turn and extra energy expenditure.
Farchild Mountain
Farchild Mountain
We finally arrived to the summit about 1pm. Our pace for getting all the way around the mummy range and all summits was now shot. At the summit we video taped our motivational videos which are fun to watch for a quick laugh, look for the links on my page soon.
Once we got down to "The Saddle" we noticed the weather was not looking very kind. Dark clouds arrived quickly so we decided to hang our caps at 5 summits and head down tot the lawn lake trail. About 2 miles down it started pouring on us. We made it back to the car at about 5pm.
Farchild Mountain

Essential Gear

Normal hiking equipment. Make sure to pack shell and gloves in case of rain. In the summer you don't need any snow equipment.


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Mummy kill

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