My best 4000 m images

My best 4000 m images

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My best 4000 m images

In the last years I climbed some of the 4000 m peaks in the Alps.
There are also other great mountains in Europe, but these mountains are the highest.
So I try to collect some of them.

Until now I climbed the following 4000 m mountains:
Allalinhorn (4.027 m)
Mönch (4.109 m)
Barre des Écrins (4.101 m)
Dome de Neige (4.001 m)
Lagginhorn (4.010 m)
Bishorn (4.153 m)
Dome de Goûter (4.304 m)
Mont Blanc (4.810 m)
Mont Blanc de Courmayeur (4.748 m)

And others will follow...

This is a private album with some of my favourite photos of these trips. So it is only for me to dream on my previous climbs...

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