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Location Lat/Lon: 5.96575°S / 42.18750°E
Additional Information County: malawi


Nkhuto peak is one the peaks found in mount mulanje,malawi,africa.

Getting There

There are two paths that leads people to the top of the peak but both starts from one point that is Thuchila hut.

The first one, goes via Nandalanda peak that is to the north east of Thuchila hut. Starting from the hut is just steep up to the toof nandalanda, then down t south of the peak faceing nkhuto peak. It is real a challange hiking up this side just cos there isn`t real path you have to go through those points you feel they are easy for you until you get to the top.

The second path, starts from the same hut, and you will take the path that comes from Chisepu hut.After 100 meters you will cross a stream/river then another one. Just at the end of crossing this second stream you will see ared mark to the left, and there is a path to the left. Follow it as you are going towards the peak.After some minutes going up you will cross the third river.After this river you will be in the bottom of the peak and you will start climbing it little by little going round to the south of it. If you get to the middle of it, you will see a big gap on the peak, follow it bevause it leads to the top of the peak.

Red Tape

There are marked points in red when going to the top and heaps of stones on the way


If you have arrived at the bottom of the mountain in time,you can climbe and camp at Thuchila hut.Then the second day, you start off to the top and back again at the hut.


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