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Noble Knob
Created On: Oct 17, 2011
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Rainier from Noble Knob

Noble Knob, located in the Central Cascades just north of the Crystal Mountain Region is a a very famous hiking destination. Despite not even being the highest elevation on it own ridge Noble Knob has been attracting hundreds of hikers each year due to it spendid open views, delicious berry bushes and it relative ease from the closest route. So good were the views from Noble Knob that it one point Noble Knob was used as a fire lookout tower in order to check out for forest fires. In fall Noble Knob is home to excellent fall colors due to the fact that the berry bushes in this region can change a wide array of colors. Amongst the most famous thing Noble Knob is famous for is its spectacular view of Mount Rainier. The view of the majestic Mount Rainier from Noble Knob rivals many of the other local mountains in the region.

A nice northern rock near the summit

The summit of Noble Knob can be reached many different ways and many different directions. It is also possible to link Noble Knob to many other possible attractions and summits in the region. The easiest way to reach Noble Knob is by the Noble Knob trail from Corral Pass. It is the most common used and the easiest in difficult. At 7.0 miles and only 800 feet of elevation it is very common for families to have a successful attempt at this summit. But this way does have a large drawback in that the road up to trailhead is very rough. This is due to the fact that the road has to go up to 5500 from a little over 2000 in 6 miles.

Looking north from the Noble Knob summit

Nobel Knob can also be accessed by the Twenty-Eight Mile Road. This way tend to be less crowded then from Corral Pass. This way though will require more time riding on forest dirt roads. The trail here though is still Class 1 and easily doable more hikers. Like the Corral Pass Trailhead this trailhead is only available whe the snow is not around.

Shot of a nearby rock

Nobel Knob can be used as a winter destination but it is not nearly as common. For one the distance and the elevation gain to the summit of Nobel Knob increases quiet dramatically. Still with its gentle open slopes and excellent views Noble Knb usually has at least some hiker at all times of the year.

Mutton Mountain from Noble Knob

Map of the Route

Map of the Route Up Noble Knob and Mutton Mountain

Getting There

FROM CORRAL PASS: Take Highway 410 30 1/2 miles. On your left hand side Road #7174 will come up. Turn on Road #7174 and take it 6 3/4 miles up a very roughly and steep road to the trailhead (Closed in winter)(Hig clearance vehicles recommended.

FROM TWENTY-EIGHT MILE ROAD : Take Highway 410 20 1/3 miles to Greenwater Road near the town of Greenwater (Road #70). Take this road 4.5 miles to Road #72. Stay on ROad 72 about to 4.0 miles to the left trailhead with some shoulder park.

Red Tape

Northwest Forest Pass is required for this hike.


Camping is allowed at Noble Knob and there looks to be a decent area right near the summit. That being said campfires must only be used in established rings and burn bans which often take effect over the summer are enforced.

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Noble Knob

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