North Brother (has a rock...

North Brother (has a rock ridge extending toward us) and Fort Mtn from the Owl- Late afternoon July 1975. Fort Mountain is odd for several reasons 1. “Amongst the collection of mountains near the Catardin, is one lying N.N.W, called by the English Fort Mountain, from its shape: its base being an oblong square or parallelogram, extending N.E. and S.W. and ascending at the sides and ends in an angle of about 45 degrees to a sharp ridge” Charles Turner Jr. August 1804. 2. It is the least visible summit around Katahdin and yet it is the second named peak. 3. An Airforce transport crashed high on its side and you can still see the 25 foot tail assembly 3. In recent years a peak bagger got lost on its trailess slopes and did not return from his trip. The spruce flat between these mountains is one of the wildest areas in the lower 48.


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