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A view from the desert....

El Capitan (Texas)

Barbary Sheep at Carlsbad Caverns

View East from near the Summit of Alamo Mountain

Carlsbad Caverns Stalagmite

Guadalupe Peak and Shumard( I...

A clear view of the Tejas...

Plains of Texas from the trail

Moonrise at Alamo Mountain

The Heart of the Davis Mountains

At one of the switchbacks...

Pine Spring Canyon

Cholla Blossom on the Devils Hall Trail

Hunter Peak's summit can be...

A Typical Desecration

Looking down to the base of...

Devil's Staircase

Climbing Rock

El Capitan

Sheilded Warrior Petroglyph

At the Top of Texas.

Ridgeline view towards summit...

Painted Grotto in Carlsbad Caverns

This means YOU

Alamo Mountain and Petroglyph

Guadalupe Peak from Pine Spring Canyon

Rock Towers

The first rays of morning...

Precariously perched

Once I made it to the false...

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Viewing: 481-510 of 544