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Broad Peak

Sunrise from Yazghil Sar's northern ridge

Yazghil Sar (5964m)

Baltoro Glacier

Playtime at Sheosar, at ~4200m

K-2 Base Camp, Pakistan

Climbing to Shimshal Whitehorn's base camp

Godwin Astin Glacier, Pakistan

Ghidims Valley

Trango Tower, Pakistan

Attari Peak, Pakistan

Godwin astin Glacier

K2 1987/1988 winter attempt - team

Payu Peak & Trango Towers, Pakistan

West Face of Kanjut Sar 2 (6831m)


Crossing the Yazghil Glacier

Meyar Glacier, Pakistan

Jhulla crossing help for a...

Walking toward Shimshal Pass...

Sonia Peak River Crossing

Map of Gasherbrums

After the summit a happy...

Jhulla crossing, now its our...

Amin Barkk

Concordia, Pakistan

Mashabrum Peak, Pakistan

Baltoro Kangri & Snow Doom, Pakistan

Vine Glacier, Pakistan

During the Trek to Spantik(7027-M) with French Expedition Members

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Viewing: 151-180 of 1093