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Alpine Lakes in the Aosta Valley

Pointe Chermontane

Climbing the lower reaches of...

CRYSTALS OF THE MONTE BIANCO (Lucianaz's Collection or Third Part)

North Valley Tête Ferret to Arête des Econduits 2008

monte Grauson

A summit box on Rosenlauistock

Punta Fenilia

Punta di Laures

Grandes Jorassess from...

Early morning over Monte Rosa south face

Aiguille de Trélatéte -...

Old Climbings (An way)/2 Transfiguration on Slabs 1978 aft. J.C.

Emilius's in the Summit ... Before the AVALANCHE 1980

On the East-ridge

Schreckhorn 4078m and Lauteraarhorn 4042m

Above the Envers

Punta del Tachuy or Arête du Tachuy

Alpine Lakes in the Aosta Valley

From the Gorner Gletscher...

South Arete of Aiguille du Belvedere

Stierenläger hut (2280m) and Mittaghorn (2685m)

Arbolle ... Valaisan Pass between P. Rossa & Garin 2015

Grandes Jorasses

Zooming in on Weishorn (4506m) from Cima di Jazzi

Mont Cordine South-southeast Wall

Tour of the Lakes into Ollomont By Basin

Pointe Graham: we are almost...

Mont Blanc

The NE ridge of Nadelhorn as...

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Viewing: 32911-32940 of 40374