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Marc at the Echelle Jordan

Piramide Casati

Punta Gnifetti

Mont Arp Vieille

Le Mole from above

Monte Sissone

Val di Rhêmes

Tête de Fonteinte

The Wetterhorn (3701 m)

Estoul Basin: Ranzola-Regina To Brusson Valley 2004

"Ambin" Shelter.

Mont Maudit

Mont Vallonet

Jungfrau and Trümmelbach valley

Crossing from Gimillan Village to Les Laures Vallon

October 2001 Lac de Fenêtre

Heavy ice blocks

Punta di Valmiana

From Tsaat a l'Etsena to Becchi di Fana 1975

Les Dames Anglaises (3601 m.)

CRYSTALS OF THE MONTE BIANCO (Lucianaz's Collection or Third Part)

Il Mont Velan (3734 m)

All ... Rutor Tête, Château Blanc & Mont Doravidi 2006

Tsaat ... East & West Tops from Becchi di Fana 1975

Salbitschijen. The top is a...

Tête de Ferret

Mont Vallette

Mont Vallonet

Aletschhorn 4195m

Dent d'Hérens / Matterhorn

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