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Location Lat/Lon: 21.36065°N / 157.7502°W
Additional Information County: Honolulu County

Olomana Trail

This trail is a rough, hard, but yet somewhat short trail consisting of three peaks within approx. 3 miles. The trail head begins within the Luana Hills Country Club. There is no parking at the entrance to the trail head, though a bus stops near the entrance to the club at the intersection of Pali Hwy. and Auloa St. Be aware as there is two Auloa streets, if coming from the Honolulu area, you will get off at the second Auloa. Once at the bus stop, start to walk down Auloa St. and make an immediate left turn right after the street's start. Follow this street to a small country club security station with a fence, where you simply continue walking in, and the guard will usually tell you a run down of what to be aware of during the hike. The trail head is marked with a white sign in which will be to your left. Be cautious around the abandoned water pumping station near the entrance of the trail, as it has open water tanks which pose an extreme hazard to anyone checking the facility out, one of them containing liquid of unknown depth, but both are deep, with no ladder, you will not be able to get out if you fall in! Beware of wild boar,as they are in the area, near the summit of the first of the three peaks though, you can forget about it as from there things become technical. Nearing the first peak, you will climb a series of rock walls/ledges with already provided ropes. The third peak is ropes all the way up, same as the descent of the second peak. This is a one way trail, so you come out the way you enter. It can take up to 6 hours to finish this hike in and out. It is difficult and technical.

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