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This new version of the classic hex gives you four different placement options per piece and secure holding power

Curved sides allow placements over crystals or irregularities where a regular hex would not be able to fit; curves help the hex seat itself in place
The Curve-Hexes are lightweight and much cheaper than camming units, yet offer the same fit range as cams of the same size
All sizes come with a swaged cable to facilitate easy placement
Available in 10 sizes. See below for: Size/Strength/LengthxWidth/Weight
1 / 6.1 kN / 10.7mm x 15.5mm / 22g
2 / 6.1 kN / 11.7mm x 17.0mm / 25g
3 / 10.2 kN / 13.9mm x 20.1mm / 39g
4 / 10.2 kN / 16.5mm x 22.9mm / 45g
5 / 10.2 kN / 21.6mm x 27.9mm / 50g
6 / 10.2 kN / 26.7mm x 33.0mm / 59g
7 / 10.2 kN / 31.8mm x 42.2mm / 76g
8 / 10.2 kN / 39.9mm x 51.3mm / 104g
9 / 10.2 kN / 49.0mm x 66.0mm / 140g
10 / 10.2 kN / 53.8mm x 74.2mm / 174g

Made in USA.


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Erik Beeler - Nov 16, 2005 12:59 pm - Voted 4/5

Untitled Review
This is a quality set of hexes. I have always climbed with some hexes on my rack and didn't know that anyone would climb w/o a few of these until recently. These are typically lighter than an equivalent size ranged cam and can be placed to be semi active. I carry 2 to 4 of these on most climbs.

The Metolius version of the hex has two concave sides that I have found increase the ease of placing these units. I don't normally carry the smaller sizes preferring to carry nuts instead for the smaller placements unless I think I may need to double up on some sizes. The rubber on the cable makes these easier to find on your rack and to get them off your biners that have hook gates as they are less likely to slip into the hook and get caught. A very nice feature.

The only reasons I am not giving them five stars is that there are lighter and stronger offerings out there from other companies such as Wild Country.

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