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Cytomax Recovery
Gear Review

Cytomax Recovery

Cytomax Recovery

Page Type: Gear Review

Object Title: Cytomax Recovery

Manufacturer: Cytosport

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Page By: Steve Larson

Created/Edited: Jan 26, 2007 / Jan 26, 2007

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Product Description

Cytomax Recovery is made by the same folks that bring us Cytomax energy drink. It's formulated to help restore glycogen levels after exertion, and improve muscle recovery. Intended to be used 1-2 hours after you're done for the day. Comes in four flavors: chocolate, vanilla, orange, and mocha. $41.95 for a 2.48 lb. jug from the manufacturer, available for much less from on-line retailers (try amazon.com).

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Steve LarsonTasty, and good for you

Voted 5/5

I started using this stuff about a month ago, and have really liked it. The vanilla tastes great (to me--YMMV), it mixes amazingly well with water, and it really does help take the edge off after a long workout or day of hiking/climbing. I often find it hard to eat solid food after a really hard day, no matter how hungry I am, but this stuff goes down easy, and it helps you rehydrate. I drink it on the drive home after long hikes. If I'm still hungry when I get home, I eat a normal meal. But in the mean time I've avoided resorting to fast food.
Posted Jan 26, 2007 11:14 pm

The Defiant OneThe real deal

Voted 5/5

So, I must gloat/confess that one of my family members is now in charge of Quality Control at cytosport. and i get their products for free.

I LOVE this after a super hard day in the mountains or training.
I have a big problem getting enough calories after an endurance workout, but this is part of my solution. I really do feel better if i use this after a long run or intense climb.
Tastes quite good.
Posted May 9, 2007 12:39 am

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