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Why Use Insoles?

When feet hurt, walkers seek relief. The first step is to get the right shoes, but the insoles that come with footwear generally do not provide shock absorption or arch support. So, the answer to pain may be a step further - to insoles, arch supports, and orthotics. Remove the insole that came with the shoe to replace it with the chosen insole. One of the first methods walkers try, to alleviate foot pain, is to use insoles.

Almost anyone can benefit from footbeds; even someone with a very average, problem-free foot will see a boost in comfort with a quality footbed. In example, if your arch is high, a footbed can prevent it from elongating or collapsing with each step. Anything that cuts down on movement inside the footwear means fewer blisters and a higher comfort level.

Beneficial Uses


Conditions That Benefit From Using Special Insoles

*Arch strain and pain

*Heel pain

*Ball of foot pain (metatarsalgia)

*Weak ankles

*Crooked toes and corns


*Knee pain

*Back pain

*Neck pain


*Shin splints

*Plantar fasciitis