Oyster, Demon, and Entropy (5.11-5.12)-- X Marks the Spot

From left to right: Oyster (5.12b/c), Demon (5.12d), and Entropy (5.11b)—routes at Romeo’s Ladder in Great Falls Park. “X” marks the approximate spot where the three converge, though Entropy actually joins the single line on the upper right arm of the “X.”

Oyster—Look closely at the photo and you will see, in the middle near the left border, part of an old bolt ladder. Oyster climbs that face along the ladder and then goes under the flake comprising the lower left arm of the “X.”
Demon—straight up the face to the middle of the “X,” then along the right arm and straight up.
Entropy—Climb the flake (right side, thin shadow) to an overhang at the end of the lower right arm of the “X,” then move left to the upper end of the upper right arm and head straight up.

Great Falls, VA-- April 2007


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