Paiute Pillar, 5.9R

6th Pitch- 100’- 5.8R/ This is the worst rock on the route. Climb up the edge of the chossy and mossy right facing corner, venturing out left at about 10-15’. Pass a bad bolt (2010) as you near the wide chossy crack out left. Stay to the right of it as you continue to ascend chossy white sandstone. It had one decent tree to sling (2010) and multiple other rusted out bolts (approximately 5). I advise you focus more on the few gear placements available versus clipping the bad fixed pro. Screamers would be useful on this pitch in any regard. Stay to the right of the wide crack until you reach a nice ledge which intersects the top of the 8th pitch on Bird Hunter Buttress (fixed belay).
Paiute Pillar, 5.9R, 10 Pitches, Rainbow Wall, Red Rocks, April, 2010


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