Page Type Page Type: Trip Report
Location Lat/Lon: 21.32160°N / 157.77277°W
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Summer

The Hike

Once we got to the trailhead we simply went around the fence keeping motorists out, and started on the trail. Right away there's creek crossing. We continued down the trail, and so did a water supply pipeline. The pipeline was interesting, as on the other side of the trail, you could see the remains of the older now abandoned water pipeline, falling apart in places from corrosion. After a while, we came to a waterfall, it was a sight from a travel brochure it seemed, as we were looking at it from its side, about half way up, pouring down into a small pool, unfortunately not deep enough for jumping into. After that point, things got a little bit technical, with occasional small ledges with ropes. We then stumbled upon a second waterfall, we spent some time here, as it was a somewhat humbling sight, as we were directly at its bottom, looking straight up at it. So after a few, we continued on, and came to a third waterfall. This one was huge! But you could not tell from its bottom, as it was cascading rather than directly vertical. Here, you can clearly see ropes leading up alongside the falls, that's right, we climbed up alongside the falls! Once we got to the top of the falls, it became apparent just how big the waterfall really was. After this point, things got even more technical, as we had to ascend the rim of Kauu Crater. This is the most dangerous part of the entire hike, as one fall will end it all, due to the narrow factor of the razor like trail. There is ropes in more dangerous spots luckily, though at the time we hiked it, a small landslide had recently occurred, washing out a small part on the trail about ten feet long. That part was the most dangerous of any part on the trail, as there were no ropes, no trail, and no embankment, just a small grassy strip about two feet across that we had to crawl on in order to reach the other side. I noticed it is very windy up there too, which does not help when you're trying not to fall off the thin trail. Once we finally reached the summit, it was amazing! Views of the other side of the island, and a panoramic view of Waikiki. The whole trip was like a Survivor Man episode! I would recommend this trail to anyone who wants to truly see Oahu.


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